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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tibetans of the World, Unite

Free Tibet Rally
Photo by myself at a Free Tibet rally on Monday in Union Square.

Tibetans and supporters convened in Union Square Monday afternoon to protest the 2008 Olympics in China. The rally coincided with rallies in other cities around the world.


My plans for the week before the new job are humble: a mini-makeover (my self-induced attempt at looking more 'professional', putting to use all the knowledge gleaned from Tim Gunn and What Not to Wear), seeing a movie with an old friend, visiting a few museums, trying new recipes and organizing the apartment.

Hopefully, the new camera will arrive this week. Regardless, I am excited to walk around the city and take pictures. It won't be a glamorous week off, but it'll be a good, restful one, which is exactly what I need.

If anyone has requests for picture taking, please post them! I'm always open to suggestions. There's a whole list in my head of places I haven't seen in ages - Battery Park City, South Street Seaport, Riverside Park, the Met, Central Park, the Brooklyn Promenade...the list is endless.

Today after seeing the dentist, I walked from the East 40s to Bryant Park. Then I walked the 30 blocks down Fifth Avenue to Union Square. On the way, I stopped at my favorite Indian dive for a delicious late lunch. It sounds far on paper, but it's really a nice, reasonable walk.

There was a political rally in full swing in Union Square. Pro-Tibetans were protesting the 2008 Olympics that are being held in China. I'm not too great with estimating numbers, but it seemed like a couple hundred people were there, waving bright flags.

A couple demonstrators spoke into a microphone from a small stage. Their words about ending political oppression were moving. When the speakers alluded to demonstrations going on today in other parts of the world, I admit I got a little verklempt. It was cool to think that the Dalai Lama was protesting the same issues in India.

The world seemed at once large and small.


Mo said...

The world is a small place. Enjoy your time off.

Kitty said...

Thank you Mo, dear!

BrianC said...

Definitely walk through Central Park. Start at 59th and go at least as far as the Met. For five years I worked on Madison Ave. near 72nd St. and several times a week I would walk into the Park during lunch. Even when I had time for only a few minutes - for example, sitting on a bench by the boat pond - I always felt recharged. If you go this week you'll likely see the first crocus and daffodils.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Enjoy your time off Kitty. I swear by the Theory Max C pant for that professional look ;-)

If we have a freakishly warm day a lunch in Bryant Park is always a pleasure for me. The people watching is fabulous.

Spandrel Studios said...

Good luck with the self-imposed mini-makeover and the restful week off!

I'm with brianc - a photo of Central Park, with spring practically in the air. Maybe there are some good shots to be had? But, whatever you train your camera on will be a visual treat!

Anonymous said...

Yes enjoy your week off, Kitty. I'm sure you don't need a makeover but sometimes such things boost our confidence and make us feel better.

Sorry I've not been around much - I've been swamped out.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Have a great week off! Relax and pamper yourself...you deserve it! :o)

Kitty said...

Great idea, Brian!
There's no end to what you can find in Central Park. There are so many nooks and crannies. I just wish it were warmer out!

Fish, I went to Theory today. Holy cow. I could spend big wampum bucks there if I had them. I wound up getting a cute purple dress. Now I must get myself to a gym.

Yknow I used to work sort of close to Bryant Park. It freaked me out when guys would take their work shirts off during lunch. Gah!

Hi Spandrel!
Thanks for the kind wishes!

Thank you RB, and I'm sorry you're swamped! I hope you get some rest soon!

Thanks Tammy, dear! Hope you (and Aidan) are feeling better!

Fredrik said...

Here's a request for picture taking: Three years ago the danish ex-supermodel Helena Christensen (who starred in the music video for Chris Isaak's song "Wicked Game" and so on) opened a 900-square-foot shop at 605 Hudson Street. Helena Christensen chose a floral designer Leif Sigersen, who had owned a store in Denmark for 15 years, as a business partner. I've visited his store in Copenhagen many times and it was always an adventure. Would be awesome to get a glimpse of the "new" shop, if it still exists.

Kitty said...

Hey Fredrik
I'll put this on my list! That sounds like the West Village, which is a great neighborhood.
I'll let you know when I go. Thanks!

Ming the Merciless said...

Am trying to catch up on your blog. I missed a week and there is just way too much to read at one seating.


Kitty said...

poor Ming!
Please, the reading is optional. I tend to ramble on sometimes, lol.