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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Out Getting Some Air

Walking the Pets
Photo by myself in Madison Square Park, at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue.

I ran into this threesome on their daily walk. Both miniature pinscher and house cat were sniffing at everything.

Note: I received an email later from the Owner who was very nice and said his cat is much more adventuresome than his dog!


We had nice sunny weather today. The sidewalks and subways were packed with visitors from abroad. I have the feeling that it's going to be very crowded in the city this summer.

I'm not keen on the idea. Don't get me wrong. I think tourism is great for New York businesses. It's just that traffic gets tough during rush hour or when you're in a hurry to get places.

Many New Yorkers get out of the city on the weekends in the summer months, especially because of the heat and humidity. Mark and I will most likely take little trips or remain in Brooklyn. We're not one for crowds.

Incidentally, Mark returns from abroad tomorrow. Woohoo!

We're going to Long Island to see his mum and pick up Clive, Mark's Mini Cooper. I cannot believe how time has flown by. How can it be April already? That's one third of the year!


Unknown said...

Too,too funny. Cannot imagine walking my dog with booties on his feet! New to your site and love the photos and the commentary. New York is always a lovely city in all of her nooks and crannies.

Ming the Merciless said...

Hahaha! I had a photo of a cat on a lease too. That was the first time I saw anything like it.

Apparently (from your photo), it is not as uncommon as I thought.

Eva said...

Only in New York will you see someone walk their dog AND cat! :-)

I love it. This is a wonderful and safe way to take the cat outdoors.
I think you have a wonderful eye for everyday life, kitty! :-)

Anonymous said...

Really a mind blowing sight, to me, stuck way back here in the cornfields of SW Ohio. I am so glad these animals do get outside and are able to sniff the air. The real air.

The photography is very good.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio now playing the part of Mrs. Zac Efron's employee.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I did a double take when I saw this photo as this guy looks sooo much like a friend of mine :-)

Enjoy your reunion Kitty

Kitty said...

Welcome, Distracted!
I look forward to reading your blog.
The booties are cute, aren't they? Not every dog wears them, just the more fastidious ones.

Hi Ming!
I've only seen this scenario once before, possibly the same guy. The cat was in GREAT shape, and she was very curious, not fearful at all. It was cool.

Thank you Eva!
Exactly. Only in NY.
I loved how intrepid the cat was.

Hi Mr Lincoln!
I'm so glad you're feeling better.
We have a limited array of critters here and they each have their personalities.

Thank you Fish dear! :-)

Carolyn said...

I have never seen anyone walk their cat before! I bet you see all kinds of stuff as you walk the streets of New York.

Catz said...

Love the boots on the dog. People here in Vancouver often walk their cats on leashes, but I am not sure the cats like it. Cats tend to want to go when and where THEY want to go. Cats are never usually on people time.

Spandrel Studios said...

What a neat surprise, this photo! My first thought was, "Shouldn't the cat be wearing the booties, since (s)he probably goes outside less often?" But then I remembered the one time I tried to put some little socks on a cat - I probably still have the scars to show for it!

Gerald (SK14) said...

I think the boots on the dog are awful - are you sure it is a miniature pinscher? Looks more like a Manchester Terrier to me - had one for 13 years see http://geraldengland.co.uk/ge/penny.htm

sonia a. mascaro said...

Amazing photo, Kitty! It's so rare seeing cat walking around on a leash... and dog with boots... very funny! And the sweater match with the boots... very elegant! Lol!

marley said...

Very cute! Love the dogs shoes! I've got a house cat and there is no way I could walk him like this :)

Mom Knows Everything said...

I've never actually saw anybody walk a cat before. Yay your honey will be back soon!!!!

Kitty said...

Hi Barber Bunch
Yes, you see it all in NYC, lol. Good and bad.

Hi Catz
How neat about cats in Vancouver? I loved it when I visited. Beautiful.
Perhaps this cat here is from BC?

Hi Spandrel
lol, Dida doesn't cooperate either. This cat was very fit, and a girl cat!

Welcome Gerald
Ah...maybe you're right. Both breeds look so similar to me.
At the time, the little dog was just a blur

Hi Sonia, Marley and Tammy
The owner was quite used to the attention and had a great sense of humor about him.

I should have asked him more about both animals.

Anonymous said...

That is such a precious shot!

I tried 'walking' my pet rabbit once, but it just stood there and when it did move, it started hopping! :( lol

I agree, I can't believe we're into a quarter of the new year already, where has the time gone!?

Kitty said...

lol, Penpusher. I can't imagine walking a rabbit.
Both rabbits and cats are defensive animals. Being out in the open must be nervewracking, poor things!

The D in D & T said...

im super impressed with this cat. our cat loves being outside, i thought she might like to go for a walk so i tried her on a leash and, well, needless to say i was lucky to get out of the experience in one piece. this cat is very cool!

great photo

Andi said...

Hehe, I love this photo !!
I have seen cats being taken for walks before, but I must say I have NEVER seen a cat taken for a walk together with her dog buddy who is wearing booties... :-D
Just fabulous.