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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Walls Have Ears

Photo by myself in Midtown.

Typically in this region, garages are located on the side streets, which run east-west. The smaller scale buildings are found there as well, for residences and the occasional restaurant or store. The longer avenues, running north-south, are left for shop fronts, businesses and major skyscrapers.

There's a logic to how different types of buildings are situated, based on general foot traffic. I can't help but appreciate this logic, because after a while, it makes New York understandable on an intuitive level.


Today one of my new coworkers and I bonded over a long lunch. She told me all the gossip, and I'm sure there's plenty more to be had.

Once piece of info was particularly flabbergasting. I can't say what it is, of course, since the world is such a small place. Let's just say it's in the x-rated category. She told me as an old-timer letting the new generation in on one of the major office milestones. Isn't verbal history amazing?

So later I was off to happy hour where two other new hires were, and I let THEM know. But then they let one of the new hire's husbands know, who then announced it to EVERYONE at the happy hour.

When you have x-rated information, how could you not say anything? That kind of stuff is like wildfire. It's like knowing (and here's a purely hypothetical situation) that one of the male staff members wears female panties. That kind of thing.

To be sure, I'll be doing some crowd control immediately. I will issue a major shush. No one must divulge sources, though I'm sure all the other old timers know about the tidbit.

Every place has its skeletons, of course. Aren't the skeletons what make a place interesting?

As long as the skeleton isn't yours.


Unknown said...

You are very very bad.... I love it!

Nikon said...

LOL, wow that was some happy hour!
I love the photo, it looks like where I used to walk around near the Port Authority waiting for a bus home.

Eva said...

Just a thought.....since the whole world seems to know about it anyways, it won't do any harm to spill the beans here. *LOL*

I like your shot for the day. It reminds me of "home" :-)

Carolyn said...

aren't Office polictics (gossip) great!?!?!?

Love the pic. I learns some much about New York when I read your Blog.


Kitty said...

Welcome Alana.
Thank you very much!

Hi Nikon
It was quite fun to see everyone. I hope it becomes a regular thing with the weather getting better.
Yeah, all of midtown looks kind of similar. There are a bunch of these Park signs. I love them!

Hi Eva
My particular world is extremely small. Everyone knows everyone! The example I used gives the idea quite nicely. Funny, eh?

Hi Carolyn
I usually don't gossip (well, in public that is) but this was too much to pass up!
Thanks, I'm glad to be part of the NY PR department!

Susan said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. My first time here. I love your header photo. Dont think I have seen NYC photographed from that angle. I love the modern buildings lit up by the sun and the juxtaposition of the old rotting wooden pilons in the fore. Excellent.
Your photos are full of the atmosphere and character of the city.

Ming the Merciless said...

What? And you're not telling us the gossip?

I'm so disappointed!1

Jane Hards Photography said...

I'm back to get my "city fix" when island live gives me cabin fever. I had forgotten what neon lighteing looked like.Very charater driven shot, supoerb.

Fredrik said...

Cool city picture. Like the red light reflection on the wall and the easy to read sign. "Enter here" and a big fat arrow. Can it be more clear?

Kitty said...

Welcome Susan and thank you!
The header photo is taken from the edge of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. There are vantage points where Manhattan looks very very close by, almost as if its just next door

Hi Ming!
lol, well, the gossip is very similar to the womens panties example. Very embarrassing, hehe.

Hi Babooshka
I like neon, too. It's vibrant and fun. Thanks!

Hi Fredrik
I agree. I love the reflection.
I have a weakness for the color red!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Some stuff is just too good to keep to yourself. :o)

Anonymous said...

Catching up on my fave blogs..don't ask, just know it has been a blah week. I needed happy hour everyday after work. ;)

Love the photo! I love the signs in the city.

Thanks for sharing.

Kitty said...

lol Tammy

Sorry to hear it Tam. I hope this week is much better for you!

Kitty said...

lol Tammy

Sorry to hear it Tam. I hope this week is much better for you!