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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Fanelli Cafe, Soho
Photo by myself on Prince and Greene Streets in Soho.

Just across the street from the Apple Store is this historic cafe with its distinctive neon sign. I've never been there but I have the feeling they serve great desserts.


Sometimes I feel that I present New York as this amazing place to live.

Well it can be. Sure.

But then I worry that I'm misrepresenting this place. Because while you can find the greatest people and experiences, you can also find the worst.

Mark swears that the most virulent strains of people live here. I agree. You find often them in leadership positions, because they'll do anything to succeed. They yell at their employees and then turn around and schmooze their clients.

You find them driving crazily on the roads without signaling, stopping in the middle of crosswalks, and making pedestrians walk around them. You find them littering. You find them sitting on the subway, not thinking about the elderly or pregnant women standing nearby.

Every place has its share of awful people. But what makes the horribleness disappear at the end of the day is coming home to a nice dinner with Mark. Then I sit on the sofa between him and the cat.

I power up the computer, respond to comments on this blog and try to figure out what to write next.

You can survive any place if you have a little refuge. I hope everyone has theirs.


Anonymous said...

Life is like that everywhere.

Kitty said...

Hi Mr Lincoln
Ah yes. I wish we could send the horrible ones to their own island!

Gudl said...

I agree, there is a mix of people everywhere, the good and the bad.
But we can often make a difference by being nice... even to them.
A smile can go a long way.
I don't mean the people that are terrible, I don't smile at them either, but a lot of people are just 'indifferent'...
I still like your profile photo. It makes me smile every time I see it.

Mr. Parson said...

I saw your profile photo on post card this past Sunday; I'm guessing that's not the real kitty. :p

I think you do a fine job of sharing your city. I've only been there once, but I get a little slice daily of things that most tourist trips won't get a chance to see.

BrianC said...

New York is certainly a city of extremes, from incredible generosity and selflessness to the worst examples of rapacity mean-spiritedness. New York City is a big stage and thus attracts the most emotive personalities, for good or ill. We can only hope that the positive efforts outweigh the negative.

Mab said...

I try not to let horrible people get to me ,I think that they must have their reasons for being so.I think the majority are kind and friendly,to have a nasty boss must be a nightmare though.The lady I work for is a darling.

Joao Augusto Aldeia said...

No one can photograph reality, although photography seems to be the exact mirror reflex of reality. We always photograph accordingly to concepts, beliefs, theories, bias, etc. I think that if we understand that, as you do, our photos can be more sincere, more true.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I love the picture of the older couple walking arm and arm. I wanna be like that when I'm old.

Profile Not Available said...

The couple in the photo are a nice contrast to the characters in your post.

Anonymous said...

You really have summed it up nicely, in the end, no matter how terrible the world is out there, or how bad a day you've had, the best thing to do is either come home or go to your own refuge, where things peaceful once again and it makes you wonder what the fuss is all about just a few hours before.

On another note, I've never asked you this question before, but how are you finding your 40D? Are you used to carrying around a big camera yet? I myself am still trying to get the hang of the bulkiness :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, life is like that here too. We have our good and our bad.

I agree, no matter how bad the day is, there is nothing like going home to a wonderful family (furry kids included).

Dorothy had it right, there's no place like home!!

Kitty said...

Hi Gudl
I generally agree. If you approach the world with a positive attitude, it works wonders (toward the world and toward your own psyche).
It takes energy though. If you don't have the energy it's tough.

Hi Adam
My doppleganger is out there, lol
Well everyone has his or her own experiences of this place.

Maybe I'm idealistic, but I'm of the mind though that they are basically similar within the same circles.

Hi Brian
I so agree. You get the best and worst people here, and I think the city draws them for various reasons.

Hi Mab
Yeah I guess the horrible people have inner issues and lash out at the world, lol. But when you're stressed with work, it's tough to take their stuff. The best strategy is to steer clear of them, as you say.

Welcome JA
So true, photography is exactly how you see the world. It's interesting and limitless.

Hi Tammy
I'm sure you'll be a part of that happy older couple! (well, not that particular one) How cute?

Thanks Kelly!
Well said.

Well, I've just been using the 40D on the weekends because it's so heavy! Carrying my purse, phone, wallet, pens and sometimes a measuring tape gets sooo heavy.
I'm impressed by you. Perhaps I need to get to the gym?

Hi Tam
The furry friends help immensely, don't they? And they have no idea how much!