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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clever Cat (Not)

Tiny Kiosk
Photo by myself around Sixth Avenue and 32nd Street, I think.

I actually don't recall where I took this photo. There are many kiosks that sell papers, cigarettes, gum and snacks on the sidewalks and in subway stations.

I was drawn to this kiosk because it was particularly tiny. The owner knew I was taking a photo and hid behind the displays, to my frustration.


Sorry for digressing from New York to my cat, but I cannot resist. I posted earlier about my cat Dida, who had a peeing problem.

For the longest time, Dida had trouble peeing inside the box. We had to move the litter box into the bathroom because she always missed. It didn't matter if the box were in the middle of the room or in the corner. There was always a puddle on the floor.

Mark was tempted to explain to the vet that Dida's 'pee hole' was located incorrectly. We did take her in to see if there was a physical problem, but I couldn't say such a thing without giggling.

It turned out there is nothing physically wrong, even though she's gone through two bouts of bladder stones. The peeing is a psychological issue.

Fortunately, Mark saved the day by changing the litter box. Ironically, the box for the cat that can't pee correctly is called a 'Clever Cat'. It's basically a very deep plastic container, so deep that there's no way Dida could pee out of it, no matter where her pee hole is.

After using the litter box a few days, we placed the lid on, which is solid but for a large hole. Theoretically, Dida jumps up and through the hole, does her business and hops out.

We've never seen this happen, though. The whole phenomenon is a little like the Loch Ness Monster. We're so happy there's no more mess in the morning and are considering setting up a hidden camera.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing what they invent these days, isn't it? Although it is obviously just the thing for Dida. My mother has a litter box underneath her towel rail in the kitchen - it always strikes me as very unhygienic as I'm sure the towels must fall in sometimes. Maybe she means them to be used by the cat as toilet tissue??

What you said over at mine re the request posts. I will reply here. I won't be doing request posts again. It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time but it was really hard to do and yeah, you are right I often struggled to find flow. My writing is better when I just write whatever is in my head at the time, even if it is just tosh!

Kitty said...

hm, RB I know what you mean. You'd think the aroma from the box wafts up to the towels. Eek.

well, good that you did the posts for the sake of doing it. Let us know what happens to your hair!

smilnsigh said...

Awwwww, I don't blame him for ducking, to hide. :-)))

Just noticed your Icon {Amelie} in comments in another blog, and had to come over and say Hi. I soooo love Amelie, too!!!!!!!!

Btw, I'm north of you. About half way between NYC and Montreal, 'as the crow flies.' ,-)


Mo said...

Wow who knew, that's a pretty cool litter box. I was thinking along the lines of UTI problems, which is painful for cats. Bladder stones that has to be pretty traumatic for her. Hope she's doing better.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I clicked on the link to see what it looked like and it looks like a Rubber-Made tub with a hole in the top of it. That is one funky looking litter box. I'm glad it works for her, there is nothing worse then stepping in a yellow puddle.

Unknown said...

my mom never let me have a cat growing up because she's scared to death of them--anyway, this is good to know if I ever do get one--actually wait--I can't because my boyfriend's allergic. DAMNIT! lol

Kitty said...

Welcome Mari-Nanci
I'm looking forward to browsing your blog. Mark and I are always looking for places to drive to!
I adore Amelie, and I feel close to her. I wish I had her clothes!

Hi Mo
She's much better after the stones, thanks. I changed her dry food diet, which helped. (The whole concept sounds pretty terrible, doesn't it?)

Thanks Tammy!
It's incredible, that you could invent something so basic and charge a lot of money for it.

Hi Nubia
Sorry your bf is allergic. I suppose one of those hairless cats are an option?

Gudl said...

I have never seen a litter box like that! That is great that your cat uses it. It looks high. I wonder how she gets out, she just jumps up?
Or are there steps inside ;-)

Kitty said...

Hi Gudl
It is a mystery, lol. I guess she jumps up and does a somersault? We will have to get it on film. :-)