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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Different Vistas

Manhattan skyline from Long Island City
Photo by myself of the Manhattan skyline from Long Island City. I took this photo during this weekend's barbeque atop one of the new residential towers in Long Island City.

Even though it's been nearly eighty years since its opening, the Empire State Building still strikes a distinctive impression along the Manhattan skyline.


This afternoon I went over to the job site on Central Park West, for a meeting.

En route there was some mayhem outside the Trump Tower at 60th Street, along the Park. A woman with two young kids asked a doorman, 'What just happened?'

'Steven Tyler just went into the building, ma'am.'

I kept walking, worried that I'd be late for my meeting. But all I could think was, there is a whole class of people like Steve Tyler, who live in these amazing apartments looking out on the world below. This is normal for them - the beautiful view, the throngs of people, the architects and decorators that cater to them.

And then there is the rest of us.

It shouldn't be such a new idea to me. There are loads of patrons of various degrees of wealth, after all. It must have been the circumstance - walking along the same pavement, visiting neighboring apartment towers.

It's funny how you can look out at the same view but see vastly different things.

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Carolyn said...

a rooftop BBQ would be so cool in NYC.

Great pic!

Kitty said...

Thanks, Carolyn!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and whichever world you are in it is so hard to imagine a life in any other type of world. That's actually very scary. It's like we are all living in parallel universes somehow.

I'd love to see the Empire State Building in the flesh (well, building flesh!).

Mom Knows Everything said...

Gorgeous photo! Steve Tyler, that would be cool, but seeing OZZY would be better. LOL

Dana said...

It's kinda amazing to me that celebrities still cause mayhem in new york... aren't they like everywhere? Seems like it might be old hat :)

Kitty said...

yeah, I'm not sure why it was especially poignant at that moment. I am reflective at the oddest times.

You ought to make the journey over here!

Thanks Tammy
yes, I'd love to see Ozzy too, but more for his clothing.

Hi Dana
You'd think, but when these people appear out of the blue, it's hard not to go bananas.

Marie-Noyale said...

What a Nice view..
I have been telling my kids to go and check this area for rentals(they are looking for a place,separately,) but I bet it's already expensive?
and they want Brooklyn...

Kitty said...

Hi Marie-Noyale
I think up near this bridge things are still okay. A friend lives in the neighborhood and says prices are escalating, however.

Brooklyn varies. It really depends on the neighborhood.

I would suggest Queens (Astoria) as well. It's not terribly far. If they don't live here already it's good to compromise on where you live for the first year, so that you at least live in the vicinity.

It's easier to find an apartment when you live in the area and after you establish some contacts.

Let me know if you need any other advice!