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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Moment Alone in the East Village

East Village break
Photo by myself in the East Village, around 2nd Avenue and 10th Street.

This fellow heard me sneaking up on him (drat!). He looked to be on a short break from work.


In the mornings, the headline news flits on the LCD screen in the elevator - celebrity gossip, weather, word of the day, stock market.

All the elevators in the city with LCD screens are connected to the same feed. So you can get out of one elevator and into another without missing a beat. I bet the bike messengers have this unsettling experience as they go from building to building.

For the couple minutes that you're in the elevator, standing on top of perfect strangers, the LCD screen is a welcome distraction.

It's like looking over the shoulder of a fellow passenger in the subway - you can focus on their New York Post instead of the guy in front of you, behind you and to the sides.

Space to yourself is a real luxury here. Enjoy it when you can.

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Unknown said...

I like your city daily life photos very much!

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog and found a piece of history your camera recorded. It is a blink, stopped dead-still, exposing a moment in time and the beauty you saw in the man on the fire plug. Neat...

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

dianasfaria.com said...

I agree with Abe, though I could never say it as eloquently. So, ditto!

Virginia said...

I think the live feed in the elevator is not a bad idea. It keeps everyone from having to look up and stare at the buttons that show the floors!HA
Nice street shot.

tr3nta said...

Wow... You have great shots here.. nice blog... great photographs...

Kizz said...

I like that he heard you so you caught that partial profile, it focuses the shot in a neat way.


Hey I have an award just waiting for you to pick up at:


Have fun with your tearful speech!

Scarlet xx

Ashley Smith said...

I like the photograph.

Mom Knows Everything said...

There are televisions in elevators? That is so neat!!!

Olivier said...

un beau moment de solitude..j'aime tes photos, tes instantan├ęes de la vie...bravo.

a beautiful moment of solitude .. I like your photos, your instant life ... bravo.