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Monday, September 22, 2008

Shopping on St. Mark's Place

St. Mark's Place
Photo by myself on St. Mark's Place in the East Village.

This block is well-known for its characters and sights. You can get pierced, tatooed, fed and outfitted.


I was walking around this street Saturday, just after noon. Many of the stores were still closed up, their metal doors rolled down.

There are tons of bars and music venues in this area. It is decidedly grungy.

You'll find chalkboard signs outside bearing a whole list of bands, many of them young and emerging. People hang out on the sidewalks until the very early hours, smoking, chatting, drinking and just hanging out.

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Olivier said...

Les tatouages oui, mais les tatouages Malabar ;o) et surtout pas de piercing, je tombe dans les pommes à la moindre vue d'une aiguille.
Tattoos yes, but tattoos Malabar :o) and especially no piercing, I fell in apples at the slightest sight of a needle.

Sarah said...

Nice shot Kitty!
I study Architecture in Iran.Nice to visit here!
please visit My Mashhad daily photo if you like to know more about Iran.

dianasfaria.com said...

you've captured St. Mark's. The shops name says it all. & look at the array of bandannas one can choose from!

Teri Tynes said...

Hey Kitty,
I was just looking at the online NYT and saw that you're on the NYT City Room blogroll now! Yay! Your recent set of images have been awesome.
-Teri, aka WOTBA

Wayne said...

Good to know. I'm deficient in both the tattoo and piercing department.

Very colourful Kitty.

Ken Mac said...

ahhh. A street noisier than mine! Great shot of NYC street life.

Kitty said...

lol Olivier, I love the translations of your writings!

I could never get a tattoo, either. It's so permanent.

Hi Sara N,
thanks for visiting. I've been to your photo blog and enjoy it quite a bit!

Hi Lily
Thanks. I wish the photo were in better focus. It's such a fun street, don't you think?

Thanks Teri!
Congrats to you as well. I'll be writing about this tomorrow :-)

lol Wayne. It's one stop shopping!

Hi Ken
I can't imagine living here, can you? You'd have to have earplugs on top of earplugs!