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Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Hair At The West 4th Courts

Watching Basketball
Photo by myself, at the basketball courts at West 4th Street, in The Village.

A group of onlookers during a serious basketball game a while back. There was hardly any room on the sidewalk to get by.


While reviewing this photo, Mark made a comment about how glossy the heads were. I didn't realize I'd taken a photo of so many bald guys.

Mark shaves his head and considers himself bald. The do-it-yourself hair care is good and bad. Good in that you never have to pay for a haircut, and bad in that you have to shave your head every few days.

I always get called over for the inspection.

'Is it okay? How does it look?' I weave and bob, looking for abnormalities. But what does he expect? An errant ponytail?

(I am so glad I'm a girl!)

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Eva said...

Think about all the money they are saving on shampoo and hair styling products :-)

Great picture!

Saretta said...

Even when looking at the thumbnail I was sure they were watching a basketball game!

dianasfaria.com said...

thank God Michael Jordan paved the way for the modern man! I think it's so much more stylish that men do this now instead of the old school alternatives. My husband shaves his head too, but only once a week. I like it when it starts to create just the slightest color before his next shave, like a beard does.
great photo btw.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Some guys just look hot with a bald head...like Vin Diesel. ;o)

Actually my little brother, who's 30 has been shaving his head for about 7 years and it looks great on him.

Anonymous said...

I am not into men but I have to say that I quite like the shaved head look. Not on women though!

I suppose shaving your head every few days is nothing compared to the time I spend washing and conditioning my mop.

Morty said...

I don't get down to that part of town anymore. This shot takes me back to my college years, getting off the subway right there and walking past the always crowded courts on our way to the sadly long defunct "Rock and Roll Cafe" on Bleecker. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

Virginia said...

Now that's a great title. Love it.