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Monday, September 15, 2008

NYPD Blues

Photo by myself of the NYPD on the Upper West Side.

These fellas look rather serious in their uniforms, but there was no danger in sight.


I've been digging into the stash for photos lately; the weather wasn't so good this weekend, and both Mark and I had to go into the office.

Mark is working on a big sales pitch due out next week. It's 11:45 pm on a Sunday night, and he's still in the editing room.

Poor thing.

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Wayne said...

He'd look less intimidating if he took off the shades.

I just noticed something interesting. This guy, and most cops I saw when I was there, didn't seem to be wearing bullet proof vests.

In Vancouver cops wear them under their shirts. the Mounties that wear them wear them over their shirts.

The customs guys at the airport wear them outside their shirts too. I don't get that at all. The only guns you're going to find in an airport customs hall are worn by the guys with the bullet proof vests.

Sorry Kitty, I got carried away. I enjoy these shots, err, I mean photos.


Here's the thing:

I remember going to Paris when I was little and there were all of these policemen with massive guns - my mom made me pose with one of them and I was killing myself with fear!! The guy didn't look fazed at all, but I'm saying this because it must be one of those things for cops to look all tough and macho (inc. the women!!)


Saretta said...

They didn't mind you taking the photo? You never know about police and military sights.

• Eliane • said...

They all look quite debonair in this pic. Street fair duty maybe?

Virginia said...

I just luv a man in uniform!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I love your b&w city scenes. Such timeless classics.

Kris McCracken said...

Did you respect his authority?

Ming the Merciless said...

Finally, a policeman who hasn't seen the donut truck yet. :-)

Most of the police in Queens are grossly overweight.

Kitty said...

Hi Wayne
I agree, the shades made this fellow look like one of the Matrix bad guys.

I didn't notice that about the vests, and have no explanation why. Brings up interesting points!

Hi Scarlet
You were killing yourself with fear?!

You'll see some of these guys lugging around big guns, but it's rare, thank goodness. Those guns would make me nervous too.

Welcome Saretta
for some reason they didn't care about the camera. I guess they thought I was a harmless tourist. (Perhaps it's racial profiling?)

Hi Elaine
Yes actually they were on patrol during a street concert, so it was just a matter of directing traffic. No stress.

hehe, Virginia. They look quite sharp.

Thanks Babooshka!

Hi Kris
lol. I was shorter and didn't want to provoke anything. But in my head I was thinking evil thoughts!

Hi Ming
I haven't been out to Queens in ages, though I should. Great restaurants there.

Next time I'll have to check out your police force!