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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Police Line, Do Not Cross

Police Line
Photo by myself, in Columbus Circle last week.

One of the policemen shutting down the streets for the NFL concert. There were police dogs on short leashes brought in, too, though the crowd was rather tame.


It used to be that there was more animosity toward the NYPD in the city.

In times of racial conflict, 'New York's finest' were a symbol of repression, and a reminder that the city wasn't so safe a place. After 9/11, people felt gratitude toward uniformed personnel (the firefighters, 'New York's bravest', were undoubtedly the heroes).

These days the feeling toward the police is indifferent. I see groups of police together in subway stations, sometimes carrying large weapons. I see them checking bags. I see them directing traffic or writing parking violations. I see them giving directions to visitors.

They are doing their jobs like the rest of us, keeping the city as orderly as possible.

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dianasfaria.com said...

you couldn't have said it better. that seems just like how it is with the police,they are just people doing their jobs.
you caught a great NY shot there Kitty.

rchrd said...

They used to smash heads quite often, back in the day.

But do they still use horses?

See my pictures of the Spring 1968 "War Is Over" demonstration

Olivier said...

Go the giants..........

Kitty said...

Hi Lily
Thanks! I feel badly for the NYPD, they get such bad press sometimes.

Welcome Richard
These guys are tough, and they're not paid tons of money. They use horses in special situations.

a photo of one.

I look forward to seeing your pictures!

lol, Olivier. I love reading your posts!