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Monday, September 8, 2008

The View From the Promenade

Brooklyn Promenade
Photo by myself at the Brooklyn Promenade, in Brooklyn Heights.


The view from the Brooklyn Promenade of Lower Manhattan is pretty neat-o.

Saturday it rained all day, and we were cooped up inside with the television, online scrabble and Cheetos (can you spell 'headache?').

On Sunday, Mark and I went into the city to celebrate his Mom's birthday. We lunched and walked around a little in Hell's Kitchen, which has undergone some major changes. There were new restaurants everywhere, making it look a lot like Chelsea, a colorful neighborhood 20 blocks south.

Later in the afternoon, we drove across the East River back to Brooklyn. Just about everyone was walking along the Promenade, enjoying the view and the amazing weather.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, it looks so summery and so tranquil. Here in Paris rain and gloomy days have been on the program, so pics like yours bring some comfort.

Mom Knows Everything said...

That's such a pretty scene. I like the two sitting on the bench together...I wonder what they are talking about?

Virginia said...

Great capture today. The color is nice and love the people enjoying the view. I'm starting to hum
the tune from "New York, New York" again!

Catz said...

Wow! Yes it is lovely!

Olivier said...

"Les amoureux qui s'bécott'nt sur les bancs publics
Bancs publics, bancs publics
En s'fouttant pas mal du regard oblique
Des passants honnêtes
Les amoureux qui s'bécott'nt sur les bancs publics
Bancs publics, bancs publics
En s'disant des "Je t'aime" pathétiques
Ont des p'tit's gueul' bien sympatiques"

Une belle photo, tu as attrapé un beau moment de la vie.

A beautiful photo, you caught a beautiful moment of life.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this photo. Also brightened my day. Like susu has in Paris we have grey, gloomy and wet in London.

Ken Mac said...

The City we love.

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone
It's funny what a blue cast the whole scene had.

September is one of our finest months, usually.

Eva said...

What a beautiful day you had!

We had rain all weekend so no nice walks outside for me.

September is one of my favourite months. I get to pick a lot of wild mushrooms and my neighbors corn field were just ready to be picked yesterday.
Grilled fresh corn with REAL butter - that alone is a reason to LOVE September, if you ask me :-)

luckys said...

scrabble word finder Thanks for stopping by and sharing the love. I appreciate that!