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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cats on Leashes

Cats in Brooklyn
Photo by myself on the Promenade, in Brooklyn Heights.

These cats were relaxing on a bench outside, near a busy walkway. Like the rest of us, they were enjoying the great weather Sunday afternoon.

As can be expected, the white one pretended not to notice me. His tabby friend sat safely tucked away in shadow.


You would think that a house cat would be the last animal to be found on a leash.

You would think, because they are typically defensive creatures, who like to roam a defined territory, and they don't like to take orders. But I've seen more than a few cats on leashes in the city.

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Eva said...

Aww, aren't they cute :-)

I think that in an ideal world, no anilmals should be kept on leashes.
But then there's the real world.
I think it's wonderful that people in the city take their cat's outdoors. Leash or not - it is the safest way to go and I bet the cats love it!

Jilly said...

beautiful shot. And so right in B and W.

BrianC said...

Yep, I see this occasionally, but it just seems so antithetical to a cat's personality. They're "independence" embodied. My cat likes to look outside, but I doubt she'd ever willingly go out, leashed or otherwise. (I recently saw a guy in Madison Square Park with his cat AND a little dog on leashes. What an odd couple!)


Great weather huh...?

WE HAVE HAD FLOODS LADY, IT HAS RAINED FOR TWO WEEKS SOLID!!! Sorry, I felt a bit of a hatred come over when I heard that everywhere else including NY is having gorgeous weather and we're stuck with the dregs.
Oh well

Scarlet x

Diederick Wijmans said...

I like your kind of photography, Kitty!

dianasfaria.com said...

they must like being outdoors if they never get the chance otherwise.
I wish I had this photo on a card to send to my cat loving friends.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cats. My cat did go through a phase of following me when I headed out of the house but I know that had I strapped on a leash, she would have sat stubbornly on the pavement and refused to move!

Kitty said...

I'm glad there are cat lovers out there to appreciate this. I feel lucky to have met these two (even though they ignored me) and the owner seemed amused, like they've been photographed dozens of times.

Brian C, I believe we saw the same guy! I got a photo of them.

I feel badly for Scarlet! Yipes?! It's rained a lot here this summer but no such floods. I hope you're staying dry!

Thanks, Blognote, for visiting!

Anonymous said...

what a great photo!! the moment is perfect!!