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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Window Dressing At The Little Pie

Little Pie Co, New York
Photo by myself at The Little Pie Company, at 9th Avenue and 43rd Street.

This little establishment sells pies, cakes and cupcakes to the public and restaurants.

I heard that it all started when an unemployed actor pedaled his apple pie to a neighborhood restaurant (the store is located in the theater district). An order was placed and business began. That was 20 years ago.

Now around Thanksgiving, people line the street for apple, blueberry and cherry pies. They make key lime pie, carrot cake and German chocolate cake, too.

I once passed by around Thanksgiving and thought it was a picket line!


I used to work near the above Little Pie Company. For birthdays, the office would order a couple of their delicious cakes or pies. I have nothing but fond memories of their desserts.

Mark and I visited with his Mom on Sunday, to celebrate her birthday. We had some mini-pies and cakes. It brought back memories.

You can order their delicious goods online, here.

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Olivier said...

cela semble bon, tu me donnes envies de me voter une dérogation à mon régime.

it looks good, you give me envies me vote a departure from my diet.

Agnes Mildew said...

Those cakes look delicious! I have a dream of doing something like that. To date, I have pedalled my cakes to the local shopkeeper who has thoroughly enjoyed sampling them. I have had nothing back from him except a free bag of frozen mashed potato...Ah well! Such is life, eh?!

Anonymous said...

Quite nice shots. I love your shot of the desert

Wayne said...

I like that shot Kitty. I'd be tempted to go by there but I probably won't make it. And it's just as well, I eat to much pastry as it is.

Virginia said...

I like the window display with the 3 little cupcakes all lined up.


See now cupcakes have to be an American phenomenon because we don't have these here even though they look absolutely SCRUMMY!

Re-remind me to visit The Little Pie Shop when I eventually visit - and I will do someday, mark my words!

Scarlet xx

Mom Knows Everything said...

Serious sugar craving right now!!!

dianasfaria.com said...

OMG! I am so ordering from them the next time I have an excuse to do so.
I love the cupcake shot.