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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Much-Needed Nap

Napping on the Train
Photo by myself on the subway.

Yet another photo of a New Yorker catching some shuteye on the train. A suited passenger served as a human shield.


Thanks for all the recent comments. Sorry I haven't been visiting many blogs recently; I've been busy and on the verge of a cold.

I'm sure everyone is looking forward to trick-or-treating and the weekend.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Olivier said...

un beau portrait, les fins de journée sont dures, alors on profite du métro pour se reposer.

a beautiful portrait, for the day hard, so we benefit from metro to rest.

Profile Not Available said...

Hope you feel better soon! Also hope you can work through extra work load and get a nap yourself! This is a great shot, as always!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot... I imagine someone could do a "Subway Daily Photo" in New York and every picture would be unique and interesting... as are the passengers.

Mom Knows Everything said...

Happy Halloween!

Dottie Jo said...

great photo! I never understand how people sleep on the subway, and wake up in time for their stop! I know I would end up in Queens or somewhere if I slept!

Fashion Schlub said...

ahh, love a catnap - wherever!

tr3nta said...

Your everyday life shots are getting better and better...