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Monday, November 3, 2008

Running Down the Streets of New York

NYC 2008 Marathon Mens Leaders
Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The NYPD provided an escort for the mens front runners of this year's New York City Marthon.

The mens lead pack came roaring down Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, clocking sub-five minute miles. The womens pack had passed by minutes earlier, as well as dozens of wheelchair participants.


We live a few blocks from the marathon route, so I was lucky to witness hundreds of racers on Sunday. The streets were lined with cheering crowds.

Camera in hand, I was anxious. Helicopters circled overhead, tracking the race. People wondered aloud when we'd catch sight of the first runners. Mark sent text messages from home, where he was watching the coverage on television.

I can see that being a sports or news photographers must be an exciting job. There are no 'replay' options. You only get one opportunity to take a photo, and it flashes by in an instant.

NYC 2008 Marathon Mens Leaders
The mens' lead pack at breakneck speed. You can see the shadows of onlookers.

NYC 2008 Marathon Mens Leaders
Abdi Abdirahman was leading the mens pack around Mile Six of the New York City Marathon, Sunday. Some twenty miles and three boroughs later, he finished sixth.

NYC 2008 Marathon Womens Leaders
The leading womens' runners. Paula Radcliffe of the UK eventually won the race. Fourth from the right Ludmila Petrova from Russia finished second. Third from the right, Kara Goucher of the US, finished third.

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Olivier said...

des gens bien courageux, mais juste pour traverser le "Verrazano Narrows bridge" j'aimerais bien tenter une fois (bon je m'arrêterais après le Verrazano Bridge ;o) )
very audacious people, but only to cross the "Verrazano Narrows bridge" I would well like to attract one games (check I would stop after Verrazano Bridge ;o))

Anonymous said...

Nice photography. I like it.

ChickenUnderwear said...

If you look really hard you can see me, I am waaaay behind the leaders;) Actually, at that moment I was still on Staten Island!

Thanks for your support!!!

dianasfaria.com said...

Ooh Kitty ! these are great photos! You lucky girl to be so close. I think the marathon is one of the greatest events in NY. The crowd seems to be as much a part of it as the runners.

Anonymous said...

hey kitty!! missing you in nablopomo!! ;)

iloveakiwi.com said...

Love your photos and your blog! I found you through NaBlo... hopefully when the friend thing is up and running we can connect! Anitra, www.iloveakiwi.com

Profile Not Available said...

Terrific photo, Kitty!

Anonymous said...

Great Kitty that you're reporting to us direct from NY! You are our sports reporter hero. Thanks for the beautiful images!

Tanya Breese said...

That escort looks might fine! I have a thing for motorcycle cops ;)

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic shots! I would have loved to attend for a bit. How exciting your weekend must have been. :)

Fredrik said...

Great pic! Is that you, reflected in the rear view mirror, wearing a red coat and black scarf?

Kitty said...

thanks everyone!

Lol Fredrik, good eye, but that wasn't me. It was a tad chilly out so some people were out wearing coats and scarves. Perfect running weather.

tr3nta said...

I'm getting ready for the Madrid 10kms next December.... the shot is great.

Kizz said...

I never noticed that the front runners have their names instead of numbers on their label thingees. Still working on my photos. I think I have some good ones but I took a LOT.