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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bright Lights at BAM

BAM Cafe, Brooklyn
Photo by myself from the BAM Cafe, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

This gathering space is just off the auditorium at BAM, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where you can get a drink or snack during intermission. Despite the name, performances at BAM are not limited to music, and include dance, opera, movies and film.


It is definitely winter in New York, all of a sudden. Snow started coming down Friday afternoon, when it was rumored we'd get 5 inches.

There are huge puddles at every street corner, so that pedestrians have to pick their way around to find the narrowest space to jump across. Then the sidewalks are dangerously icy. So when you do make it over a big puddle, you have to tiptoe down the street to the next big puddle.

It all makes staying inside all that cozier.

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Fredrik said...

Looks like a fantastic place!

dianasfaria.com said...

Wow! BAM didn't look like that the last time I was there. I think I need to revisit. Thanks for keeping us up on the scene Kitty.

Anonymous said...

snow...i wish we'd get snow.

Great pic! Looks like a fun place to visit.

Ken Mac said...

BAM is always fantastic, one of the great pleasures of life in NYC

Virginia said...

Looks like a cool place. Down here BAM means Books a Million. A big chain bookstore. YOurs sounds like more fun . If KM likes it , I would too.

Ming the Merciless said...

Oh wow! It has changed a lot. I haven't been to the BAM since I worked in downtown Brooklyn almost 5 years ago.

There is a really good Austrian restaurant across the street from BAM. We used to eat there a lot.