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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seasons Greetings from the MTA

Christmas in the subway
Photo by myself on the subway platform at Bryant Park.

A homeless person had collected Christmas gear and various bags of stuff. She sat nearby on a bench, when I was taking this photo.


With the recent snow and economic situation, there has not been a noticeable increase of homeless people in the subways and streets. You are certain to find at least one person per subway station and many on the subways panhandling. It's cold outside, and the subway stations are an obvious refuge.

New Yorkers do express their concern for those in need, either by donating to individuals directly or to organizations. The other day I saw a blind woman on the subway, who was bombarded with donations.

One organization that helps is called New York Cares. Besides sponsoring a city-wide coat drive every year, they have many other projects relating to seniors, children, animals and even the environment.

New Yorkers who want to make a difference can volunteer. Check out their website and enroll online, today.

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Fredrik said...

We have one or two homeless people and a copule of beggars over here, even in our small town. And they stand out even more here I suppose. It's so sad. I think the society should do more to prevent this.

Wayne said...

Good work Kitty.

Kizz said...

This is officially creepy, Kitty. When was this picture taken? Around 1:30 yesterday afternoon I walked by that same woman and her collection of holiday glitter.

Kitty said...

Hi Fredrik
I bet in a smaller town you get to know these people in a different way. It must be easier to walk by these people in the city.

Thanks Wayne!

Hi Kizz
I took this on Friday, around noon. I guess the stuff is just sitting there and no one dares to move it?! Neat to know you saw the same thing in real life!

Kizz said...

I can't believe I just missed you. I think the woman stands guard over it. She was ranting and bitching while sort of shuffling around the area.

J.C. said...

It's comforting to learn that New Yorkers are still being generous despite the gloomy economy outlook. It's the best time to spread some joy and love to others when time is down!