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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Riding in Style, in the Village

Pedicabs outside RL Store, the Village
Photo by myself of the Ralph Lauren store on Bleeker Street, in the Village.

These period-looking pedicabs harken back to an earlier time. You and your shopping buddy can be pedaled around by a one of several young lads.


It's hard to believe it's already December. Mark and I are in disbelief about our trip next week to a small town in Mexico, called Zihuatenejo (pronounced 'Zee-hwa-ten-ay-hoe').

I've been flip flop-less since the fall, after leaving my trusty flip flops on a job site. Mark needed a bathing suit. Fortunately with the internets you can get just about anything at any season.

We learned of Zihuatenejo from a travel show on tv. A short distance from Mexico City and near a nice beach, it sounds like the perfect place to unwind. We'd gone to Costa Rica a couple years ago, and loved the simple lifestyle and healthy food. I hope Zihua is similar.

If anyone's been to that neck of the woods, I'd love to know your suggestions for things to do. Mark has been researching a bit online, but there's nothing like a personal recommendation!

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J.C. said...

Now you get pedicabs in NY too!!!

Check out those we have in my hometown, Melaka in Malaysia! http://subangdailyphoto.blogspot.com/2008/09/trishaws-in-melaka.html

Olivier said...

comme quoi, tout les taxis new-yorkais ne sont pas jaunes ;o)). j'aime bien cette idée de pedicabs.

as what, everything taxis of New York are not yellow ;o)). I like this idea of pedicabs well.

dianasfaria.com said...

I can't believe it is Decenmber either!
I only wish that I could give you some recommendations Kitty!

Wayne said...

Kitty, I know people who go to Mexico regularly. For a long time they went to Puerto Vallarta but gradually it became too touristy I guess. Now they go to Zihuatenejo and like it better. You'll have fun.

tr3nta said...

Look like a really cool / ecological way of discovering the city...

Mom Knows Everything said...

I see Christmas decorations in that photo! You should take some pictures of the great decorations there. I would LOVE to see them!

Tash said...

I saw one of those for sale on one of the blogs...
I didn't ride in one in NYC - seems too cold to do so now.
Went to Club Med in Oxtapa (by Zihuantanero) a qtr of a century ago. The tourism was good for pulling many out of poverty. Beautiful, warm place.

Kitty said...

I really like your blog. The sun seems to always be shining in Malaysia.

Hi Olivier
I have to wonder whether these pedicabs will replace taxis? I have to wonder whether they will keep pedaling in the winter.

aw thanks Lily

Thanks Wayne!
I can't wait. It will be a huge culture shock to be there at this time.

Hi Tr3nta
That's very true about the green aspect. I think it's a cool way to see the city, too, with a built-in tour guide.

Hi Tammy
I'll have to get back to take pictures after we return from the trip - there just isn't time during the week.
I love the decorations, too. They make the city look so cozy and fun.

Thanks so much Tash
I'll certainly post photos. It would be cool to get your input about how the town has changed.

Ken Mac said...

it's hard to believe this is bleecker. Blows my mind, it looks so new and clean.

Fredrik said...

The gondols of NY? Looks quite cozy.