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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sand and Surf, Mexico

Thatched Roof, Mexico
Photo by myself in Mexico.

An abandoned thatched roof once sheltered part of an outdoor restaurant.


It boggles my mind to hear that the weather in New York has been so sporadic. Wednesday the high in NY was 65F, and Saturday it's predicted to be 36F, just above freezing. It's normal to have an Indian summer in late November, but the transitions were always gradual. Now it is insane.

Here in Mexico where we're on vacation, it's humid and gorgeous. The weather reminds me of Taiwan, another tropical locale, where you can't leave anything out for too long, else it will rust or be covered in mold.

Early Wednesday morning, we boarded a motorboat for ocean fishing. Our guide took us out to choppy water, where we caught 6 bonito, or 'black tuna', each about 14 inches long, within 30 minutes. Then I became seasick and lost my breakfast, but not before we pulled into a lagoon for some snorkeling.

For lunch, a restaurant cooked our fish three different ways - raw (as a cerviche, brined in lime juice, with chopped onions and tomatoes), breaded and grilled. The amount of fish we've been having is nuts, to the point where we're dreaming about hamburgers and pasta.

Anyway, here are some more photos I wanted to share of the beach.
Paragliding on the Beach, Mexico
You can paraglide and jetski here, though most people opt to lie around like lazy bums and drink beer.

Two Kids, Mexico
Two local kids enjoy the beach and changing light.

Mexican Baby
Tons of families spend weekends on the beach, bringing their young kids and babies.

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Olivier said...

de belles photos, tu nous fais rêver ;o). Cela doit être sympathique a faire du parachute ascensionnel.

dianasfaria.com said...

oh I so want to be in the sun! It's grey and rainy on long island today, but at least it is not to cold.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Such idyllic photos that make even me want to be at the beach and I am bored easily when I am there.

You are definitely not missing much in NYC. Today it is wet and in the high 30s. I saw snow is forecast for Friday which I am not happy about as I am flying to the UK that day and wondering about delays. Sigh!!

Fredrik said...

How mean you are! ;)
We're freezing our toes off.

Mom Knows Everything said...

It's been snowing, freezing rain and then rain here constantly for the last week. I wanna go to Mexico!

Ken Mac said...

kitty living large1

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!
The parachute looks like a lot of fun. Usually we are intrepid vacationers but the motorboats are so disruptive to the water.

Hi Lily
Don't let the grey rainy days get you down!
There's something about them that are moody and reassuring to me but after a few of them in a row it gets a bit much.

Hi Fish
Funny, I'm usually bored at the beach too. I always wonder why people go to the beach in the summers, week after week.

ugh about the rain. I hope you have a good flight, untampered by precipitation!

Oh dear Fredrick, I'm sorry to hear it!

Hi Tammy
Some families come here with kids in tow. Not sure they're as into it as the adults but it can be done!

lol Ken!

Chaffee Street Cafe` said...

You are sooooo lucky. Now I'll really be wondering what you're up to. Just kidding. Hope you have so much fun in the sun. Happy Holidays!

GiuCe said...

beautiful photos... that beach looks amazing :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos! I've never been to Mexico. Maybe I'll head down there one day. It looks fun.

Anne Vis said...

Looks nice and warm and sunny! :-) Thanks for sharing!