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Monday, December 15, 2008

The View of Liberty

The View from Red Hook, Brooklyn
Photo by myself from Red Hook, Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, parts of the water's edge are being developed into pricey condominium buildings, while other parts are in need of cleaning up.


Our first full day back home from vacation was spent running errands - unpacking, doing the laundry, picking up the dog and shopping for groceries.

Fairway, a large supermarket in Red Hook Brooklyn, was one of our stops for food. The sky looked bigger than usual and was layered with wispy, expressive clouds. In the distance, you could see huge cranes, the kind they use to haul cargo off ships.

And across the flat surface of the East River, there stood the Statue of Liberty.

Here's another photo that I took of the Statue from the same area, earlier this year.

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Olivier said...

beau contrasme entre la libert├ę et la quartier de Red Hook..c'est un quartier ou l'on a une superbe vue...NYC dans 5 Jours....Yesssss...
beautiful contrasme between freedom and Red Hook neighborhood .. it is a neighborhood where we have an excellent view ... NYC in 5 Days....Yesssss ....

dianasfaria.com said...

I love Miss Liberty from any point of view. Yours is especially interesting.

tr3nta said...

and what a view... this is a 10 out of 10 photo... bravo.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

I love Fairway. When we visit New York, we try to stay at the Milburn Hotel on the UWS. The suites have tiny kitchens, and we can shop at the Fairway on Broadway, have an occasional meal in our suite and pretend we live in Manhattan.

Fashion Schlub said...

enjoy the contrast of the far-off Miss Liberty, with the construction junk and rubble right at your feet...isn't that just the way life is??

was rupert happy to have mom and dad home??

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
How wonderful! Have a great time in New York.
I look forward to seeing your photos. I'm sure they'll be amazing.

Thanks Lily!
I have a soft spot for the Statue as well.

Hi Tr3nta
thanks so much, I am flattered!

Hi Terry
It's reassuring to know that you love Fairway as well. Dunno if you've been to the one on the UWS lately, it's gotten to be huge in the last several years.

Hi Bettye
Mark is compiling yet another Rupert video that I'll post soon. He's gotten big!

Rupert was a little shocked when we showed up...he passed out from shock and exhaustion in the car.

Fredrik said...

Not the view you'll see in the tourist brochures I guess! But I like it! A bit Wall-E feeling to it.
This morning I woke up to an earthquake (!)

Pierre said...

Strange photo of the statue of liberty. we are not accustomed to such composition. garbage and symbols of the usa. politically incorect