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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Museum, The Bowery

New Museum, NYC
Photo by myself of the New Museum on Bowery in Soho.

This relatively new museum is also called The New Museum. It houses new art from all over the world. The building opened in late 2007 and was designed by two Japanese architects.

The facade is sheathed with a metal mesh, a relatively inexpensive material. My camera caught the scrolling LED sign in motion.


And it was always referred to as 'The Bowery', never Bowery Street. The Bowery was a place you avoided, for its flophouses and bars. It signalled the edge of humanity.

I think it will be some time before the history of this street is forgotten. Currently The Bowery is home to some restaurants, many restaurant supply stores, a swanky new hotel, and the above museum.

Bowery still feels wind blown and desolate, not at all friendly. But it's getting there.

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Anonymous said...

I like the architecture. The Japanese have come up with new things that really appeal to me.

Teri Tynes said...

Love the photo. I find myself visiting the New Museum quite often because I like the open interior spaces. The Bowery's main problem for me is that it's too wide. The street once sat under an elevated train, plunging the street into dangerous darkness. I'd like to see it reshaped as a pedestrian mall.

Ken Mac said...

the edge of humanity then, now it's the other edge of humanity ...hipsters drinking to the wee hours, ruining the neighborhood, peeing in the street, living in new condos. At least the drunks kept to themselves and never sold out the street for $$$$$$$$$$. Okay, no more ranting!

Ken Mac said...

reshaped as a pedestrian mall? How about a Target too?

Anonymous said...

It can take some time for areas to regenrate.Lots of London is going through the same thing. The south bank was a reight dump but now after years of new building and businesses moving in it is now a really cool area.

Unknown said...

i have been wanting to go to this museum and haven't found the time! great picture.

Fredrik said...

You've definitely captured the feeling!

tr3nta said...

love the shot!... bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

bowery is not soho, for that matter nothing east of lafayette is.