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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Six Inches Under, in Central Park

Central Park, NYC
Photo by myself just outside Central Park, on 59th Street.

An earlier photograph taken just after snowfall. Notice the snow is still pristine!


The weatherpeople say we're in for another snowstorm in the next couple days.

Ah, will it ever be Spring?

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Ineke said...

i am jealous of your weather! Overhere it is grey nothing. Cold and windy, hardly any sun and no snow :(
Or it could be I am just pms-ing !!

valeria said...

..you may be fed up with cold and snow.. but... I so much wish there could be a heavy snowfall here....
and then, I agree, spring!

Olivier said...

j'aimerais être à NYC, et me promener dans Central Park sous la neige.
Belle statue sous la neige.

I want to be in NYC, and a walk in Central Park in the snow.
Beautiful statue in the snow.

Laurent said...

I agree with olivier ... wish I were walking in white Central Park too ! Here in Paris it really seldom snow. We had some this winter which did not happen for years.

Anonymous said...

Each year, I appreciate spring even more! Stay warm, Kitty

Anonymous said...

I rather wish we had proper weather like that. It's been grey and drizzley all day here. I love the snow.

But spring is definitely on the way. The days are lengthening and the snowdrops are out.

Fredrik said...

I agree with Reluctant Blogger. Would love some snow. It's been grey and drizzley over here for almost two weeks.

Lady K said...

oh i love this picture... i wish i was there, i love snow and i love NY... a great combination!