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Sunday, January 4, 2009

On Radio City and The Whitney Museum

Radio City, NYC
Photo by myself, outside Radio City Music Hall on 6th Avenue around 50th Street.

The facade of Radio City is an iconic image of New York. The building is home to the legendary Rockettes and other performers. Neon signage wraps around the facade, which is festooned with holiday decoration.


Sorry for such a cliched image, I could not help myself. I have a weakness for neon and old-timey lettering.

By the way, if you're a photography fan, you can still catch the William Eggleston exhibit at the Whitney Museum before it ends on January 25th.

I don't know tons about Eggleston, except that I'd like to know more. I first came across his images in a couple monographs that Mark owns - big color books filled with suburban expanses that seem so perfectly staged.

I also saw a documentary about Eggleston on the Sundance Channel. He was shown stumbling around, snapping photos continuously through the day, without stopping or reshooting a scene. He was intuitive and a bit weird.

Eggleston's images are not for everyone - the subject matter is banal, the vibe is eerie, the colors are the washed-out hues of the 70s. To me, these images are gorgeous.

Mark and I have yet to catch the show. There's only three weeks left!

For more about the exhibit, click here.

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roentarre said...

The theatre is known to be a legend and I still remember it!

Mama Mayborne... said...

great picture! the last time i was in front of radio city, i was part of a 40-leg kickline with some friends... just for fun!

Ken Mac said...

thanks for reminding me about Eggleston! I shot a subway track yesterday and thought about you.

Wayne said...

I couldn't pass here without trying to get some shots. I made some lame attempts in Sept. but they were disappointing.

I think this is cool Kitty. I like the fact that the glow makes the road look red.

Just Jinny said...

I haven't minded the "cliche" photos. It reminds me of my visit to NYC. On your previous post, I have that same picture just in the day time.

valeria said...

It's good to have some good "cliche" photos! I do like this!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo...I also love the old neon lettering..very New York..but there is a vintage charm about it!
I look so forward to checking your blog everyday for the latest pics of NYC.

dianasfaria.com said...

thanks for the Eggleston tip and interesting interview Kitty.

Jane Hards Photography said...

The red/gold really jumps out at you.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

New York is filled with so many so-called clichés that even the first time I visited, it already felt familiar to me. I was constantly stumbling on places I "knew." I turned a corner and there was Radio City. I looked up from a cafe table and there was the Chrysler Building. I came up out of the subway and there was the Empire State Building. Wonderful! As is your lovely shot here, Kitty.

Do go see the Eggleston show; it sounds amazing. His work is pretty much single-handedly responsible for getting color photography accepted as a serious art medium.