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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making an Entrance, in Midtown

1250 6th Avenue, NYC
Photo by myself of a mosaic above an entrance on Sixth Avenue and 50th Street.

The Art Deco building above is one part of Rockefeller Center. Typically you enter the main open space off Fifth Avenue.

Rockefeller Center is the largest single real estate venture undertaken in New York, a whopping 22 acres of real estate. The skating rink in the middle is surrounded by open space, stores and restaurants. The area draws visitors year round.


I braved the cold and crowds Friday night to fulfill my 2009 resolution to be a more intrepid photographer. Generally I hate crowds, but I wanted to take night photos, and the best way to do that is to find a place with lighting (!).

Hundreds of people milled about this area Friday night, most of them from out of town.

Most were visiting the skating rink and Christmas tree, while others simply enjoyed the streets and holiday decorations. There were many kids and strollers outside as well, despite the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture, thanks for sharing.

Fashion Schlub said...

I love the font in the address over the door :-)

I, too, have resolved to be a braver photographer and to GET OUT OF THE CAR ONCE IN A WHILE! Ha :-)

chimesey said...

Nice - I wonder if I've seen that place - I think I walked past it once in the daytime. during one of my infrequent visits over there... must get over soon...

My pics are primarily taken with my iphone - yes, I know...
But - But - I just got given a case called a Griffin Clarifi, which should
a. be a decent protective case
b. improve my snaps!

Mom Knows Everything said...

That's beautiful!

• Eliane • said...

Wonderful colors! See? Being an intrepid photographer gives some wonderful rewards!

Kitty said...

thanks and welcome Washaw!

Hi Bettye
Heh, I agree with you. It's easy to take photos from the car, though much easier in warmer weather

Good luck with your resolution!

Hi Chimesey
Using the phone is a modern and resourceful tactic. I hope your new case helps!

Thanks Tammy!

Hi Eliane
Thanks! So far so good! ;-)