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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grand Central and Tall Tales

Grand Central, NYC
Photo by myself on Park Avenue and 42nd Street.

I took this photo from the back of a cab Tuesday night. There's a piece of Park Avenue that winds around under the Pan Am Building at 42nd Street before becoming Park Avenue South.

The view of Grand Central Terminal and the Chrysler building from below is the most striking at night.


When you work on fancy houses, things get tricky near the end of the project.

The floors are sanded, the walls and cabinets are painted. Lights and hardware are installed. Everything has to remain pristine until the owners move in.

To keep the site clean, you remove your shoes and either pad around in socks or wear little booties. I write all this because one of my coworkers showed up to her job site Tuesday morning, only to find that she forgot to put on socks (!). She had to borrow a pair from the client before stepping across the threshold.

The story was told over lunch, in teary-eyed laughter. We spent the rest of lunch discussing whether she should launder the socks and return them to the client, or buy a new pair altogether.

Her story reminded me of a time I showed up at a job site with a huge hole in the big toe of my stockings. My toenail, painted a hot pink, kept peeking out the hole. I had to hop behind pieces of furniture to hide.

Oh the adventures we architects have at the workplace!

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Anonymous said...

Ha haa... your little story is just what I needed - to put a smile on my face on these professionally very crowded days! Thanks Kitty! Have a good one:)

Anonymous said...


The two famous buildings in one shot. And at night.

Olivier said...

superbe vue, et puis le GRAND Chrysler de nuit.

roentare said...

I missed looking at these buildings in NEW York!

Mom Knows Everything said...

Hehehe...cute story!

Dottie Jo said...

Great pic - especially from a car!

Ken Mac said...

extra fine and super nice!

Fredrik said...

Wonderful colours and cool perspective!