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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing in the Rain, Union Square

Chess, Union Square NYC
Photo by myself in Union Square, at 14th Street and Broadway.

Tables with chess boards printed on them are out constantly for public use. All you need are the chess pieces and an opponent.

Even in the chilly February rain, these enthusiasts played on.


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Olivier said...

quand on a la passion, rien n'arrête les joueurs d'échec
when they have passion, nothing stops the players of chess

Anonymous said...

Playing games or painting pictures at a public place is a great way of meeting new people. You have a conversation starter!

Savile Joe said...

I love this pic, I think i was in this area when i visited nyc a few years back, i really recognise it.
Check out my blog, savile joe, for some pics of Glasgow in Scotland!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Too cool, kitty. Too cool. I love how New Yorkers take total advantage of every public outdoor space, even in less than wonderful weather.

Anonymous said...

They must love to play chess. I could think of a couple of outdoor games for rainy days.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Hello," all the way from Brookville, Ohio in the U.S.A. And his wife of 53 years said hello too.

Pat and Abe Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Will Hennessy said...

i like that it's in B&W...i think it goes well with the moment

elsie said...

Your photograph is beautiful and totally the opposite of what I was expecting from reading the post title - it was a wonderful surprise!

Walker said...

Great picture, lovely.

• Eliane • said...

And obviously a little passion for the game helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. I like chess, but would never play out in the rain. There is a big chess set built into the street outside the library in Leeds, I passed it yesterday but no one was playing, despite the dry weather.
Leeds Daily Photo