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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time for Valentine's

Times Square heart
Photo by myself in Times Square, around 44th Street and Broadway.

It's hard to describe how populated the area is with large signs and lights. The illuminated billboards loom over the street on all sides. Fortunately for all of us, fluorescent and LED lights are extremely energy efficient.


We're in for an interesting week - Friday the 13th, followed by Valentine's Day and President's Day next Monday.

Times Square is prepared for the occasion, with a heart-shaped sculpture near the TKTS ticket booth. The sculpture will be standing for a limited time, only. Its creation was sponsored by a jewelry store chain.

For another view of the heart without all the people, click here.

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valeria said...

An amazing view Kitty!

Olivier said...

c'est très kitch pour la saint valentin ;o))
it's kitsch for Valentine's ;o))

Lady K said...

omg it's beautiful!! ugh!! i wish i was there
thanks a lot ^^

Anonymous said...

Cool shot!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kitty!

So glad you went on site and once again enable us overseas to take part in NY celebrations. I love these real life pictorial splashes;)

dianasfaria.com said...

I heard about this heart. Very pretty Kitty!

Anonymous said...

I simply love your work.

Kitty said...

hallo everyone and thanks!

it was fun to see this sculpture. I'd heard about it in the news. It was especially nice to see everyone interact with it and have their photos taken.

J.C. said...

I bet tourists would have a good time posing with this heart shaped exhibit and the huge billboards of Broadway performances!

The scene is so attractive! Wish I were there too!