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Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Early Spring on the Lower East Side

Teds Formal Wear, Lower East Side
Photo by myself on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side.

A quirky little store called Ted's Formal Wear has t shirts and coats hanging outside.


With temperatures in the 60's, it's hard not to believe that it's Spring. I have the feeling however that we'll have another cold spell before Spring arrives for real.

Saturday, the outdoor public basketball courts and playgrounds were flooded with adults and kids. The dog runs were jammed packed with dogs of all sizes. Everyone just seemed to be outside wearing tee shirts and jeans (except the dogs).

Some lucky people live on the ground floor of buildings, or their buildings have accessible areas on the ground or rooftops. Most New Yorkers however share their outdoor space with the rest of the population!

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Is the shop a piece of irony? Maybe there's all sorts of suits and stuff inside and it wants to trick people into coming in lol!
At least the waeather is better there than it is here - we're still getting little bursts of snow!

Scarlet x

dianasfaria.com said...

I hope it doesn't get below 40 ever again!
Cool shot Kitty

Donna j. Gehl said...

Great shot Kitty! Your rain sure does beat the 5-8 inches of snow I'll watch fall today. Come on Spring!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Ted wears when he wants to dress down?

So weird to see an umbrella used for its correct purpose - people use them here for shade. It looks weird as they don't pick summer colours and are quite happy with a big black brolly!

paid critique said...

i believe that MENSUSA has more fashionable product than ted's that would fit any type of weather.