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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Night View at the World Trade Center

WTC, night view
Photo by myself of the World Trade Center site.

Cranes were silhouetted against the night sky, Monday evening, making for a dramatic view.


For those visiting the World Trade Center site, be forewarned. There doesn't seem to be a viewing platform of the construction now. The large platform in front of Century 21 on Cortlandt Street is gone.

Many streets in the area are blocked off or covered in scaffolding. It's best to bring a map and compass to you can find your way around!

I'm not sure how many people actually live near the World Trade Center. It's not your typical neighborhood. The scale of the buildings is large, many of the buildings house offices that close up after rush hour, and there are few visible amenities.

Battery Park City, a complex of modern apartment buildings, is within walking distance across West Street. BPC is a jam-packed with young families and enjoys a prime location by the water.

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Olivier said...

on dirait un combat de grue. belle photo de nuit.
they would say a battle of common crane. nice night photograph.

SG said...

seeing those dazzling lights in the backdrop of the dark night sky suddenly make me feel i am there! beautifully captured.

Anonymous said...

Gosh. This is an excellent photograPh.

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

excellent capture. the lights and contrasting structures make this a great shot.

James said...

I was there earlier this month(the coldest/snowiest day of the year)
I'm glad I didn't spend much time searching for a viewing platform. I'm also glad you took this great picture!

Emma Bond said...

I love this photo, never been to NYC but this is really great and imagining what it must be like. Love your blog! Have put you on our faves!

bARE-eYED sUN said...

there's a good view from the southside of the construction site.

we love this shot - - what's weird is that yesterday we took a similar series from the northside (Washington Street) when they were using the cranes to put away the port-o-potties! - koh-inky-dink!

you've got fantastic compositional skills. :-)

thank you,
and keep on bloggin, blood.


valeria said...

Great shot, Kitty, I love it. xx

crocrodyl said...

Interesting shot! Great photo!

Anonymous said...

What a talent you have this shot is amazing.