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Monday, March 23, 2009

The View from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The view from Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Photo by myself from the edge of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


The view of Manhattan varies quite a bit, depending on where you're standing. Some parts are quite plain.

From Williamsburg you see the east side of Manhattan, just below 23rd Street. The tower on the right is the MetLife Building. I took a picture of it here.

Between lower Manhattan and Midtown, the buildings decrease notably in size. Manhattan is built on natural bedrock but geologically some areas are stronger than others.

Neighborhoods are zoned so that skyscrapers are built only in areas that can bear their weight.

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Olivier said...

belle composition et j'aime cette vue.

dianasfaria.com said...

nice view. It's good to know the builders only build on the stronger areas!

Ken Mac said...

a tree (and grass) grows in Brooklyn!

valeria said...

Looks like the perfect place for a nap!

Kathrine said...

I just love the way you show New York from all sides and with such an eye for detail! And the b/w are stunning!
I check in regulary for a little NY-dose. "Jeg elsker New York", as we say in Danish - I love New York.