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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Fishing on the UWS
Photo by myself on a pier at Riverside Park.

Several fishermen cast their lines into the Hudson River. I talked to one fellow, who said he's caught blue fish and eel, and that he eats his catch!


New Yorkers used to joke that dead bodies and hypodermic needles would be found in the body of water between Manhattan and New Jersey. New York drinking water, on the other hand, use reservoirs and has always been excellent. Many people drink unfiltered tap water.

Recent effort regarding pollution has helped the Hudson. Now people walk close to the river without a thought. There is also free kayaking (yes, can you imagine anything free in this city?) between May and October.

Three piers, at 72nd Street, 56th Street and Houston Street, have kayaking available to the public. The lines in front of the piers are sometimes long in the summertime.

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Anonymous said...

love it,nice shot :)
check mine!

Unseen India Tours said...

Hudson river is a source of living for many! I must say this is a beautiful capture! :)

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

I was just in Detroit and was amused to see that random stores along Jefferson Avenue, near the Detroit River, sold live bait. Even the liquor stores!

Ken Mac said...

still wouldn't eat the fish! I saw a fisher pull one out last summer...a multi colored coughing fish!

Fashion Schlub said...

multi-colored coughing fish?? is that a real kind of fish??

EEL in the Hudson River?? Ha. I thought eels were more exotic than that...