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Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Rain and Baseball

Rainy days, Midtown
Photo by myself in Midtown.

It's been cold and rainy for the last several days here in New York.

For the moment, the sunny weather forecast for the weekend keeps our spirits afloat.


A funny thing happened the other day.

I was standing on the subway platform in Brooklyn, when I noticed that a woman nearby was reading the book Watching Baseball Smarter. She was deeply engrossed and kept flipping around to various parts of the book.

The train was late and the crowd started forming on the platform. Suddenly, a fellow she knew came over and greeted her. They started an animated conversation about her book and baseball.

All this time I wanted to step in and say, 'I know the guy who wrote it! I know Zack!' But I didn't, preferring to overhear their conversation, instead.

Zack Hample, a serious baseball geek, wrote this wonderful book chock full of history about one of the most-loved games in America.

I heard Zack read early versions of the chapters aloud. From the beginning, it was destined to be a great, entertaining read. And I was happy to see that the book has done amazingly well - in its 14th printing since the initial run in 2007.

You might have seen Zack on youtube and television - he's collected over 3,800 baseballs from major league play, and has written a book about that, too. Zack has been on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and was interviewed on NPR.

Like a true baseball enthusiast, he does not prefer the Yankees and Mets over other teams.

To read more about Zack on his website, click here.

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Olivier said...

chez moi today, c'est sun and foot us ;o))

Kizz said...

I've been reading a lot about how the 2 new NY stadiums have design elements that inhibit viewing. As an architect I'd love to hear what you think about all that.

dianasfaria.com said...

I want to get this book for my nephew, if he doesn't already have it. He loves baseball.
This sounds like a neat father's day gift too. Thanks Kitty.
I'm glad it's sunny today.
; )

Ken Mac said...

cold and sunny today!

Kitty said...

Bonjour Olivier!

Hi Kizz!
Sorry to say, I haven't kept up with the stadiums. I'll have to take a peek. Generally I'd say that design has to be functional.

But...as major stadiums, these structures also have to be recognizable icons. Some compromised views might have to occur for the good of the greater design.

Design is always a balance of such things - aesthetics, function, cost, time, politics. It's a constant process, and is never easy!

Hi Lily
How neat? I hope your nephew likes the book!

valeria said...

I love your NYC life photos!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are musical. I was born and raised in New York. I lived in the Bronx and worked in Manhattan.

midtown rain
the passing smell of overcoats