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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Meal O'bama Cart, Midtown

Meal Obama, Midtown
Photo by myself in Midtown, around 37th Street and 8th Avenue.

You can get chicken schwarma and falafel from the 'Meal O'bama', a sidewalk food vendor in Midtown.

Incidentally, here's an article in the Times describing how many businesses have renamed themselves to include the President's surname.


Yesterday, I took some photos of the big fountain near Columbus Circle. It was a nice, sunny day, and I'd been in the area for a site visit.

Then in my delirium, I went to the subway station and promptly boarded the wrong train. I wound up on 8th Avenue, near Penn Station. Walking several blocks to the office, I spotted the Meal Obama cart and took the photograph above.

The photos of the fountain turned out nice, but...eh. How many times has that fountain been photographed? It's a recognizable icon in the middle of a very touristy area.

Next question - how many times has the Meal O'bama been photographed? Why do I consider the Meal O'bama much more interesting than an over-publicized fountain?

There is a message in there somewhere, about what you plan on doing and what just happens, and about doing what convention tells you versus what sparks your interest at a particular moment in time.

And to complete the story, how poetic is it, that Meal O'bama is parked next to a Hallmark store?

Here's a night view of the fountain that I took on another occasion.

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Velvet Eden said...

Wow! You took a photo of the food cart! Very NYC! PLus the Hallmark cards in the background make an interesting touch to it. The photo feels New Yorkish in its own way.

But where is the picture of the fountain? I went through the related posts but I didn't see anything about the fountain mentioned in the post.

Have a great weekend, kitty!


Olivier said...

bien vu, o'bama est mis a toutes les sauces ;o))

Kitty said...

Hi Daphne
Well, this all happened yesterday. So I haven't posted an image of the fountain yet...I'm not sure I will.

I posted a link of the fountain at an earlier time. It's a nice fountain, don't get me wrong. But I prefer to post images that people don't often see of New York.

Bon Matin, Olivier!

Anonymous said...

Funny they really want more buisness!!

Anonymous said...

This photo is worth getting on the wrong train. ;-)


How very said...

It's a thing; there is the Barack Obama Elementary School in Long Island, and other schools in Portland, california, and Oakland voted in favor to name it after Obama. the prime minister of Barbuda wants its Boggy Peak renamed Mount Obama. not that there's anything wrong with that.

dianasfaria.com said...

I like your interpretation of the fountain Kitty & I like the Obama cart too. So funny!
Now I have to watch the repeats of that reality show you wrote about in your link, it does draw you in. I just watched some video & I'm already hooked. Thanks.