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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lost in the Crowd

Midtown, NYC
Photo by myself in Midtown.

The crowds are in full force in Midtown, with commuters racing to the subways and visitors ambling around, viewing the sights. It makes for a heady situation on the sidewalks during rush hour.


One of the most common conversations New Yorkers have involves the size of their apartments.

People talk about their smallest apartment, their first apartment, or their current apartment. Sometimes people talk about 'the apartment that got away', or some dreamy apartment where they wound up by chance.

This week, the Times is showing the non-dreamy apartments. Recently, studio co-op apartments in New York are being offered for as low as $200,000.

The apartments might have prime locations, but they are tiny. One has a kitchen that isn't large enough for a full-size refrigerator (it is located in a nearby closet). Another apartment sports a sleeping loft/bunk bed over a sofa.

Currently, the least expensive apartment offered in Manhattan is a 250-square foot studio, with a view of a brick wall, for $199k.

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roentarre said...

This is an excellent post with such a story embedded in the image itself!

Citygirl.em said...

So much for those very reasonable rent controlled apartments.

I can't believe how a lot of New Yorkers can live in such small abodes. I guess it's worth it, though, to be in the heart of the city. Ah, to be there....I'm in a Chicago suburb in a 3200 square foot house that cost as much as one of those teensy apartments. Some days, I would trade this house for the city any day.

Kitty said...

Thanks, James!

Hi Em
Rent controlled apartment are virtually non-existent these days. As each apartment is vacated, the apartments go up to market rate.

3,200 square feet is a good sized house. I bet you have a dishwasher, walk-in closets and laundry to yourself...all the impossible luxuries that NYers dream of.

I hope you visit Chicago regularly, a lovely city. I only visited once very briefly, and long to return.

James said...

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