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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Touch of Nature, in Prospect Park

Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Photo by myself outside Prospect Park, in Park Slope.

This weekend we saw spring-like weather, which included fog.

There were many people walking about, with children and dogs, just taking in the air. A colorful blanket of leaves carpeted the grounds of this large park in Brooklyn.


In times like these, there's nothing so restorative to the mind and body as Nature.

We internalize the stress of the world, which we receive on the airwaves, on the streets, at our desks and in our dreams. I'm often surprised to find myself exhausted from a typical day's work. And it's not as if I'm working any harder than before.

At least I live in a culture that values open space, and provides it free of charge every so often. There are parks in Manhattan and throughout Brooklyn, where you can walk, picnic, bring your dog, bike and play.

It's a nurturing experience. Try it.

There's nothing so soothing to the eye as the natural beauty in the world.

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Olivier said...

on dirait une photo automnale, j'aime cette atmosphère

It looks like a fall photo, I like this atmosphere

Spandrel Studios said...

you are so right, Kitty - in this overly plugged-in, information-overloaded world, there's nothing more centering than breaking free to spend time communing with nature. Hope your week is going well!

Profile Not Available said...

Kitty, this is a stunning photo! So peaceful.

dianasfaria.com said...

Oh I so do agree. Time spent in my garden or a beautiful park like this is like free therapy.
I love the moss on the stone btw.

Melanie said...

Nature feeds me and my soul. I love your photos.