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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Acrobatics Below 34th Street

Street Dancer, NYC
Photo by myself at the subway station at 34th Street.

A group of talented teenagers practiced their acrobatic dance moves in the subway station Wednesday evening. They did a mix of spins, jumps and twirls.

Noticing that I was taking pictures, they mugged for the camera.


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Anonymous said...

Some people have extra energy. I couldn't do this when I was in grade school much less when I was in the Army and in top physical shape.

Olivier said...

wouahh break danse, superbe photo dans l'action du danseur. Bravo

Mom Knows Everything said...

Great shot! That kinda looks painful. How can they do that?

Ken Mac said...


Anonymous said...

very cool!


Fredrik said...

So much energy! Great!

seanjonesfoto said...

love it!