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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye, Midtown

34th Street Mayhem
Photo by myself in Midtown, around 34th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Yet another candid photo showing the crowds in this busy neighborhood. I can't get enough of the characters you find in this highly-trafficked area.


Here's a tantalizing offer for photobloggers and non-photobloggers alike: document your life in 24 frames with a disposable camera. Have your photos exhibited alongside those of 999 other photographers from all over the world.

How so, you ask?

A Million Little Pictures is sending out 1,000 cameras this summer. An exhibit will take place in September in Atlanta, Georgia. Another exhibit will take place in the city with the most participants. (At this writing, California is in the lead, followed by New York).

This isn't the first time this organization has done something on a grand scale. Nay.

The same group is gathering 10,000 artistic interpretations of a word (what lucky word, I'm not sure). In another project, artists swap 20 prints of their artwork for 20 random prints from other artists.

Take care, these project aren't free. But what is, these days? In return, you get to participate in a communal art project.

Click here to participate in A Million Little Pictures. Deadline to enter is July 1st.

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SP said...

I love your crowd shots, like a modern Joel Meyerowitz. This one is superb, with everyone darting in different directions it's the kind of situation that would make my Mum need a cup of tea and a sit down...
Thanks for the A Million Little Pictures tip too.

valeria said...

I like to see the variety of people of NY.
Will you sign into a Million Little Pictures? It's indeed an interesting idea.

spandrel studios said...

What a great shot of midtown! You've captured the spirit of the place perfectly!

Kitty said...

Thanks SP
I'm quite addicted to taking these and feel a little guilty. It's like fishing in a bucket.

Your dear mum sounds cute!

Thanks Valeria!
I'd consider participating in the project. How about you?

Hi Spandrel
Thanks so much. Yep, it's mayhem there, lol.

dianasfaria.com said...

I love how the woman wearing the Mickey shirt is looking into the camera.
& thanks for the million picture project info Kitty! I'm definitely signing up. & it's relatively cheap to do when you compare it to other registration fees.


Loving the crowd shots here Kitty! Quite like the style of the Chinese girl on the left of this photo actually - I feel like I want to know where she got her t-shirt from!
Ah it's good to be back reading your posts!

Scarlet xoxo

A said...

Thanks for sharing info about the project... I went and signed up... I think you should too, and any other New Yorkers, so we can get an exhibit here! :)

.gg. said...

I like this one a lot, too. It makes me wonder if I'd be overwhelmed standing in a crowd like that. So much seems to have been going on in just once slice of the time that you must have been there.

Pat said...

I love these slice-of-life shots. Million Little Pictures....? Hmmm...

Mike said...

Everyone is rushing off to someplace.

nickthebet said...

I love your street shots. Captures a moment in time.