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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ramen Noodles in the East Village

Rai Rai Ken, East Village
Photo by myself in East Village around 10th Street and 1st Avenue.

Rai Rai Ken is a tiny hole in the wall that seats just a handful of people, right next to a tiny open kitchen. Some of the walls are covered in Buddhist or Shinto text.

Rai Rai Ken specializes in delicious ramen noodles in broth. In the summer, they have two cold ramen dishes, that are topped with treats like cucumber, sliced apple, sun-dried tomato, seaweed, scallions, pickled ginger and shredded lettuce. You are served your food by its cook as soon as it's done.

Here's photo of the exterior that I posted earlier.


Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

Mark and I will lunch with his mum (not at the above restaurant, but somewhere in Brooklyn). What are you up to today?

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spandrel studios said...

My sister and I are having an old-fashioned tea party with our Mom and my niece. Tea sandwiches procured, we're off to buy scones!

Anonymous said...

I am betting it is an excellent dish to get.

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Kelly said...

i love rai rai! its our (my husband and i) favorite spot. curry ramen ooishi!

Fredrik said...

So much atmosphere! Great shot!

dianasfaria.com said...

I love the colors in this photo. this seems like my type of place to dine at as well.
you are so sweet to spend time with Mark's mum.
I stayed home and heated up leftovers, played in the garden & caught up on blogs. it's a beautiful day

.gg. said...

Ah! I bet everything there is delicious. It makes me want to visit NY even more =^_^=