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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Morning, along the East River

Manhattan Bridge, NYC
Photo by myself near the Manhattan Bridge, along the east edge of Manhattan.

A man practiced Tai Chi Sunday morning, looking out onto the East River and Brooklyn beyond. To the right is the Manhattan Bridge. Downstream, you can see the Brooklyn Bridge.


Sunday I walked around the area near the Manhattan Bridge, the Lower East Side and Alphabet City.

It was crazy sunny and the streets were vaguely deserted.

Along the East River, some joggers and cyclists were at their morning exercise. A couple sat on a park bench and enjoyed the water. Two men practiced Tai Chi 50 paces from each other.

A typical Sunday morning.

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Tiago said...

Great shot! I feel an "apocalitptic" atmosphere. It seems the sky is going to fall!

Olivier said...

belle photo, on imagine cette personne découvrant pour la première fois ce panorama.
nice photograph, they imagine this person discovering this panorama for the first time.

dianasfaria.com said...

I would love to practice Tai-Chi here. What a view! Great photo Kitty.

Kitty said...

Thanks TC
It was also a very quiet morning. People were out of the city and it almost felt like one of those outbreak movies where the city was deserted.

Thanks Olivier!

Thanks Lily
My mother tried Tai-Chi once and said it was the most difficult thing she ever did. Apparently it takes years to master each move.

The good thing about such a place is that no one would recognize who you were. They'd only have a view of your backside, lol.

Mike said...

I love pictures of bridges. Even better at night when lit up.

Ian Bines said...

amazing picture, i love it!!

Anonymous said...

Please Kitty, read your email
John Matheson