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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flower Power, Bryant Park

Floral, Floral & Floral
Photo by myself near Bryant Park at 40th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Two women in very floral garb stood near a planter, Monday afternoon. I couldn't help but take a photograph.

I have to wonder whether they coordinated their clothing?


On Monday I stopped by the ICP, or International Center of Photography School in Midtown. The school is renowned for its photojournalism program and its affiliated museum.

I went to the school for a portfolio review, and to get advice about their summer classes. There are studio and darkroom classes there that last anywhere between an intense weekend to many months.

Student work was being put up for end-of-year exhibit. The vibe was decidedly arty, meaning it was a mess. Images were pinned up on the wall, along with torn pieces of blue painter's tape. Power tools were lying next to communal Mac computers.

The student work ranged from framed large scale photos to tiny postcard-sized images. There were documentary-style photographs showing fire trucks, hotel rooms and the subway. There were nudes, blurry portraits and gritty photographs of the city.

I was nervous to show my work, but in the end, it turned out fine. The reviewer was very nice, and she didn't make any real comments. Her feedback was more about what my experience level and interests were.

Anyway, I'll soon decide between taking a studio class or a technical one about retouching. Of course, it's not the greatest time to shell out money, but you only live once, right?

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Olivier said...

une belle harmonie dans les vêtements avec les fleurs du "PLUS BEAU PARC DE NYC" bryant Park. Superbe photo
a nice harmony in clothes with the flowers of " the NICER PARK OF NYC " bryant Park. Superb photograph

Kizz said...

I'll be really interested to hear what you decide to take and how you like it.

James said...

I wish I could take a photography class. I guess I look into the community college. I might need to learn how to use my new camera first. Keep us posted.

dianasfaria.com said...

Love floral, floral & floral.

& for what my 2 cents may be worth,now is the time Kitty, go for it!

Fashion Schlub said...

Just Do It!

I can't wait to move closer to the city, there are classes I've been wanting to take at School of Visual Arts, but the commute from Suffolk County is just too too.

I'll have to look at ICP - I didn't realize they had classes, thought it was more of a museum/gallery. So thanks for the heads-up!

Adriana Rearte said...

Nice Blog !

Anonymous said...

ICP sounds like a great idea. I'm going to check it out. ;-)

Cool photo capture!