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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Images of Hope

Obama table, Union Square
Photo by myself in Union Square, around 14th Street and Broadway.

One of several tables chock full of Obama items in this public space known for political expression.


Tuesday I didn't feel well, so I left the office early and walked to Union Square. On the way, I saw multiple storefronts and office space seeking tenants. You wouldn't notice the trend unless you were looking for the signs.

So many buildings are under construction and repair right now that the city still looks like it's humming along. For the past several years, there has been scaffolding everywhere...so much so that it's useless to cross the street to avoid it, since the buildings across the street have scaffolding, too.

When I arrived in Union Square, I was struck by how many vendors were selling posters, t-shirts and other items with Obama's likeness. The contrast between the empty storefronts and the images of hope struck me in a deep way.

It's been months since the economic downturn has taken hold. Companies are struggling, and many people I know are out of work. If there is any a time that we need hope, it's now. And these emblems and images are it.

There were no tables full of Yankees insignias, images of 9/11 or even New York City. Instead, tables were filled with images of the President of the United States and the First Family.

How surprising and appropriate and moving is that?

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Tiago said...

Great photo Kitty! Like almost everyone, I'm also a big fan of Obama. I hope you get well fast!

Tiago said...

One more thing. I think Barak Obama will be saw by the next generations like the man who made the effort to make a difference. Nobody knows if he will achieve all the goals, but at least he is trying to change the stauos quo. I really envy the americans for that. I wish we could have a president like Obama.

Mom Knows Everything said...

I hope you feel better Kitty!

Laurent said...

Obama will be in France this week and I can tell you that he's very popular here and that makes a real change.

charu said...

I agree too, even if i am not american but still i am pretty impressed by Obama after his first Congress Speech. It was just like he was bringing hopes back to people.