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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Public Art and Other Freebies

Botero Statue, NYC
Photo by myself at the Time Warner Center. around 59th and Central Park West.

Two huge bronze Botero statues of a nude man and woman stand in the atrium of this large high-end mall. There are pricey restaurants and shops here, as well as the ticket booth for Jazz at Lincoln Center. Above are two towers of expensive condominiums.

While I was there, a little girl ran up, touched a certain body part, and ran off.


Like window shopping, there are many, many other free things to do in the city. Just the experience of walking around each neighborhoods is enough for me.

If you're in need of things to do, check out the current issue of Time Out New York. They've published a whole list of over a hundred free things to do in New York.

Of course it helps to have money to enjoy the perks of this expensive city. But there are also weekly free movies, concerts...even food and drinks. But only if you know where to go.

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Tiago said...

I love Botero. If you like him too, you should try to visit the city of Oviedo, in Spain. There's a lot of street art from him there (and it's also a lovely city)!

dianasfaria.com said...

I love Botero too & I love this picture and the story behind it-how funny!
Thanks for the freebie tip too Kitty!

Ken Mac said...

just like us Americans to touch it and run..

elsie said...

naughty! naughty! fabulous!

Shawna said...

"Certain body part?" Haha

Shawna's Study Abroad

Unseen India Tours said...

Oh What A Lovely Capture !! Great Work...I Really Appreciate Your Blog !!

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Botero is a great artist. Haha, and your story is very funny. Nice picture.

Have a great weekend!

Buenos Aires Pictures

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