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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Strange Skies Above Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Weird Sky, Sunset Park
Photo by myself in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Mark and I encountered one of the oddest skies I've ever seen, Friday night.

After a dinner in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, we walked out to an orange sky filled with small puffy clouds that looked like cotton balls. We heard on the news that the cloud formation is often associated with serious weather (there were severe thunderstorms in the area earlier).

I looked around for the space ships, it was so weird.


Happy Weekend, everyone!

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James said...

We saw the strange orange sky here too. I was on a walk and ran back to get my camera. Amazing to say the least.

dianasfaria.com said...

the same thing happened in our neck of the woods friday night. it was beautiful. I rode my bike around our neighborhood & I saw lots of lightening with barely audible thunder.
great capture. I took some photos too, how could you not?

Joe said...

Great shot of the sky Friday night! I saw the same thing, grabbed my camera, but my shots came out nowhere near as good as yours.

Velvet Eden said...

wow, kitty, the sky looks so unique, as if D-day is coming! hahaha!

kenju said...

I think they are called mammatus clouds.

Andrea said...

very cool :-)