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Monday, July 27, 2009

Off Leash, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Off Leash in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Photo by myself in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Owners are allowed to let their dogs go off leash in Prospect Park, before 9am and after 9pm each day.

Weekend mornings are usually very popular - owners chit chat, while dogs sniff about and play.


Most weekend mornings, Mark and I accompany our puppy Rupert to Prospect Park. There for a brief time, the rolling green fields are covered with frolicking dogs.

Off Leash in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Above, a huge friend of Rupert's patiently posed as I snapped his photograph.

Off Leash in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
There's also a corner of a pond where dogs are allowed to swim at any time of day. Originally we thought Boston Terriers weren't water dogs, but Rupert heartily enjoys paddling around with his friends.

Off Leash in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
On the first Saturday morning of each month, Fido, a community group focused on the off-leash privileges of dogs, serves up coffee and treats for everyone. Humans are served pastries, while dogs are served biscuits.

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Olivier said...

belle réunion de chien dans le Prospect-Park, c'est vrai qu'il y a une baignade réservée aux chiens, cela me surprend toujours. j'aime beaucoup la dernière photo, un peu de romantisme dans ce monde de brute.
dog's nice meeting in Prospect-Park, that's true that there is a bathing reserved for the dogs, it always surprises me. I like the last photograph very much, a bit of Romanticism in this world of brute.

B SQUARED said...

Rupert looks most distinguished.

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
I like that last one too, very pastoral ;-)

Hi B Squared
Oh I should clarify, that big dog is Rupert's buddy. He was huge and very patient as I took my photos.

A said...

LOVE the second photo with the dog sitting! He's adorable. I'd been to the park on a morning before and seen all the dogs having such great fun, but not a dog owner myself (sad), I didn't realize the rule! Sounds like fun!! I might have to go dog-watching next weekend!

Anonymous said...

How fun for the dogs. My dogs don't listen (only when they want to) so after a while I stopped taking them off the leash unless they were at the dog park, which is enclosed.

That's awesome Rupert enjoys playing around in the water with his friends. I like his friend's photo.


elsie said...

my pups are such suburban girls, no doggy park skills PERIOD!! sad really as it looks like so much fun!

Vince said...

Looks like a fun day, I didn't realize how many dogs you can fit in one picture.

... said...

Lovely set, Kitty...
I miss Prospect...I saw it in May for the first time - it reminded me of big parks in and around London...and my home county of Somerset...
Bit of nostalgia for me, that was very welcome...thank you...

Ming the Merciless said...

It's a dog's life! :-)

Poodle said...

I remember seeing it for the first time. It was like a scene from a movie. It took my breath away every time I visited, which was often during the two years I lived nearby.