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Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Drums and The Brooklyn Bunny

Union Square festivities
Photo by myself in Union Square.

An image from several weeks ago on a very sunny day. This capoeira group played music on curious instruments before breaking out into a group dance.

I'm not sure what the instruments are the photo above. The woman was hitting a drum, while others played an instrument with one-string.


Here's something about New York I bet you don't know: we have an official rabbit.

Well bunny, actually. Friends of a friend of mine are keepers of the Brooklyn Bunny, named Roebling, after the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Like all good celebrities, Roebling has a MySpace page, a Flickr account and he's on Facebook. He doesn't Twitter yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

You can watch Roebling on a webcam that's set up in his home (the cam is experiencing technical difficulties right now, but usually refreshes itself every few seconds). You can watch Roebling, a magnificent white rabbit, snuff around in his area.

Roebling has entertained me during the work day. It's reassuring to watch him amble around, and every so often out of the blue, a mysterious hand will reach in to pet him.

The Brooklyn Bunny site also offers other things bunny-related, like room sprays flavored apple and lettuce, t-shirts, magnets and pins, all wonderfully designed with Roebling's clever logo, based on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bunny's humans are graphic designers Dresser Johnson, short for Kevin Dresser and Kate Johnson. They're based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and have done a ton of exciting design work for museums, magazines and other organizations.

You can check out Dresser Johnson's very cool website here.

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Ana Paula Malagueta Gondim said...

As a brazilian I can say that the one-string thing they are playing it´s called berimbau. The womam seems to be playing a "pandeiro", or just a simples type of drums.
I´m a follower of your blog...it´s really nice. I dream to visit NYC someday.
Have a nice sunday :)

Chris said...

HI Kitty I just landed on your blog today and found it very interesting. New York is so VERY different from where I live. We have five cottages in our village and nine on the farm. I will be calling back for more pics and news.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

A bunny...something I never knew :-) Love the photos as always even though I have been a total lazy arse blog hopper in 2009 :-)

Fish x

Debra said...

Never knew about the bunny. We'll be checking him out on our next visit to NYC!!

... said...

A friend of ours lives in Brooklyn - I will have to ask her about the bunny! That is hilarious...Bunny cam is the best!

"He ain't heavy, he's a bunny..."

Brightened my dreary work day!

Thank you, Kitty!!!

Maricarmen said...

The woman in your photo is playing a "pandero" (that's the word in spanish)"Panderos" are a staple in afrocaribbean music such as "bomba y plena" from Puerto Rico, "merengue" from the Dominican Republic and "rumba" from Cuba.