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Monday, July 13, 2009

Living in Style at A&G Merch, in Williamsburg

A&G Merch, Williamsburg
Photo by myself at A&G Merch, a home furnishings store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

You can get anything from vinyl wall stickers to paper mache mooseheads to outdoor benches made of reclaimed lumber at this lofty store.


I never tire of browsing, a trait that Mark does not share. He points and shoots, while I chew things over. Just looking at stuff satisfies me, which is lucky for my pocketbook. (I'm sure if I won Lotto, I'd sing a different tune).

A&G Merch, Williamsburg

A&G Merch, Williamsburg
Check out the A&G Merch website, here.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Gunn said...

It is so nice to see N.Y.C.i n the summer.
I have only been there once, in March 2002, and it was very very cold!
I like your blog,- interesting and with many nice photos.

Olivier said...

un beau bric à brac.

Tiago said...

Funny how the subjects appear... I read a few days ago an article in a portuguese travel magazine, about the hippsters living in Williamsburg. Being rich must be a very interesting thing!

Kitty said...

Thanks for visiting Gunn and welcome!
Yes we get the extremes in this city, and not just in terms of temperature.

I look forward to visiting your blog.

Thanks Olivier!

Well, not just hipsters visit the stores. Williamsburg has a few antique and design stores, so people come from all over.

Funny that talk of hipsters has extended to Portugal. Can it be that they are isolated to Brooklyn?

... said...

I am a browser too, Kitty! Cool stuff is always a treat to find!

Jazzy said...

what a great great shop!

Fredrik said...

I'm drooling...I just can't get enough of vintage stuff. What a cool store!

Unknown said...

So beautiful! I got a lot of decor inspiration. :)

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