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Monday, July 13, 2009

The NY Times Building, Hell's Kitchen

NYTimes Building SignPhoto by myself of the headquarters for the New York Times, in Hell's Kitchen.

This recently constructed elegant tower bears the masthead of the venerable paper at its entrance at 41st Street and Eighth Avenue.

The ground floor contains a lobby and stores, while the upper floors contain offices. The delicate facade is constructed from porcelain tubes, and is held away from the windows, to provide shading. The logo is created from porcelain tubes painted black.


It's common knowledge that this top newspaper is not doing well. Like many newspapers today, the New York Times has to compete with online news sources and declining advertisers.

The Times reported it was down $74 million in its first quarter for 2009. Second quarter financials will be publicized next week.

When I was little, reading the Times meant you were an adult, to me. You read the Times, tried your hand at the crossword, drank coffee, and you were a grown up. Now all that is being threatened.

Hopefully we won't lose this paper anytime soon.

For more about the New York Times financial situation, click here.

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Ken Mac said...

i like that new signage

Jazzy said...

i like it as b&w. fabulous shot!

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty!

A great picture and a name to be respected. I feel sad when a great company like The NY Times seems to be in trouble. I believe this paper played an important role in the american history.


... said...

Great B&W pic, Kitty! Every once in while, I pilgrimage to a newstand (store), and buy the Times on the weekend...
And then find a coffee...
It is like a ritual for me - print will never be dead...

Debra said...

When I was growing up in New Orleans, it was The Times Picayune! Hopefully newpapers will find a way to continue.

Lori said...

My husband lived in Hell's Kitchen for 6 years. I've always wanted to go (of course). And I love the Times, but they made their way onto my shit-list last year by messing up our Sunday subscription and then continuing to charge us for months after we'd gotten fed up and canceled. I'd say working on customer relations might be a step in the right direction for them.