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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pawn Shops, The Diamond District

Pawn Shops, NYC
Photo by myself on 47th Street and Sixth Avenue.

The Diamond District is just a street now, filled with jewelers and pawn shops. Hawkers stand outside each shop, chatting up people walking by to lure them inside.

This street is known for specializing in diamonds. If you're interested in having a ring reset or a diamond purchase, it's the place to go.


Technical difficulties prohibit me from posting new photos until tomorrow. In the meantime, here's an image from my photo stash.

I really love the storefront signage you can see from various eras. It amazes me how easily an earlier time can be evoked through just a few words or images.

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Anonymous said...

Nice shot in black and white.

Your visit will count and help me Make History. Pick a Peck of Pixels

James said...

This reminds me of the 1970's. Really nice shot and it would be perfect for the Monochrome Weekly meme.

Jojo P. said...

Diamonds are forever, a woman's dream to have this. Diamonds is a good investment in pawnshop business.

Jojo @ Pawn Shop Websites

Jewelers Diamond District said...

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