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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Apthorp, Upper West Side

Apthorp, Upper West SidePhoto by myself of The Apthorp, around 78th Street and West End Avenue.

The sun was setting over the Hudson River, casting a great glow across the facade of this enormous apartment building, the size of a city block. You can see the shadow of another building with a water tower on the roof. A stormy sky lurked beyond.

I really like this building, which is detailed beautifully. Copper trim decorates the top, and the stones become progressively larger as they near the base.

If you ever get to visit the Upper West Side, do take a walk along West End Avenue, what I consider to be the West Side's equivalent to Park Avenue. Instead of tall, stately buildings in limestone, there are tall, stately buildings in brick.

It's very pretty, and Riverside Park is just a block away.


It's been so crazy hot and humid in New York, just insane. Standing on subway platforms is dreadful. Only the passing trains provide relief from the heat.

Mark and I are off to a wedding Saturday afternoon, held on the Upper West Side. Oh boy. I don't think the church will have air conditioning!

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Anonymous said...

I was staying near the Apthorp last March and there was a movie being shot there. I found out later it's called "The Sorcerer's Aprentice" starring Nicholas Cage.

Kitty said...

Hi Anonymous

There are several very nice hotels on the Upper West Side. You were good to stay up there.

That's interesting about the movie. I'll have to check it out!

• Eliane • said...

This is a popular film location.
I pass this building every day and I am still a bit intrigued. I'd like to see how it is inside. Love the little parfumery/pharmacy on the corner. And best florist of the area (Surroundings Flowers).

plumpdumpling said...

I recently read Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck, and much of it is about living in The Apthorp, and how terrible it was when NYC got cleaned up and the rents were raised there. It's sort of a fluffy book as a whole, but the Apthorp parts are great.

Vinnycos said...

I lived about 50 yards away from the Aptorp for the summer of 2001, goo times, worked nearby in an Argentinian restaurant. Lovely area.